Critical Breakdown:- Small Doctor – Omo Iya Teacher

Critical Breakdown:- Small Doctor – Omo Iya Teacher [ Album Review ]


Artiste:- Small Doctor
Album:- Omo Iya Teacher
Record Label:- Real Beat Planet Records.
Distributed By:- Otijade Productions
Guest Appearances:- Olamide, Seriki, Q Dot And Mz Kiss
Producers:- Will Fresh, Jaymoh, 2T Boiz, Jay Pizzle, Omo Ola, DJ Real And Dre San
Release Date:- December 30th 2015

Seemingly out of nowhere, in 2014, contemporary Fuji artiste Small Doctor delivered his debut album which was the culmination of an undeniable organic street buzz which he had built up over time following when he officially started pursuing a career as a recording artiste 2 years earlier with Real Beat Planet Records, which is owned by DJ Real. His first album titled Street Ambassador was released with little or no fanfare, promotion budget and even videos, but somehow the 18-track album spanned hit singles like Gbagaun, Oyinbo, Anobi and the infectous hit track Mosquito Killer which was the major driving force behind the album and propelled Small Doctor to a B-List artiste in waiting who immediately started racking up numerous collaborations, plaudits from A-Listers like Reminisce, Olamide, Davido and also began working on a follow-up album Omo Iya Teacher which was released on the 30th of December 2015 with Small Doctor in a bigger and better situation than when his debut album was released.

Having built a reputation as a witty lyricist, energetic performer and talented songwriter, Small Doctor wasted no time in showcasing himself on the first song God The Boss , an acapella song of praise and thanks which was supported by traditional back-up singers who harmozied over his incantation-like delivery and immediately after thanksgiving he proceeds to the next song Amuludun which featured talented Yoruba Rapper-on-the-rise Mz Kiss. It’s a scintilating Afro-pop song which was made further more interesting by a sharp rap verse delivered by the guest act, both artistes combined excellently on this one to craft a befitting opener to the album and perhaps one of the better ones. The next song Magician is a fuji-driven song with a progressive percussion that had him describing a girl he once met who had the “magical powers” to basically do anything she wanted, a tongue-in-cheek song which was more of an album filler, than a standout song, albeit it makes for good listening and leads to Gyration which borrows from the current resurgent Kegite sound that is finding it’s way back into the urban music sound, and had him chanting his lyrics quick time over a high octane production. It’s probably the best Kegite-style song you will hear in a while and will light up a whole lot of dancefloors, It Small Doctor in his full essence and this is bound to thrill his host of teeming fans. YBNL head honcho Olamide appears on the Jay Pizzle produced track  You Know which comes next. The song is a smooth, seamless collaboration which sounds neither forced nor obligatory and both artistes exuded a very strong chemistry which led me to think they may work together a lot in the future. Olamide dropped an interesting verse that spiced the song up, little wonder it is one of the official singles released to promote the album and I daresay it needs a video next. The title track of the album Omo Iya Teacher is for traditional Fuji lovers and utilized a signature Fuji sound, complete with the call and response sequence, It’s a befitting title track that celebrates his mother and couldn’t have been more apt, It’s a definitive sound of rural Lagos and will be gobbled up by Fuji enthusiasts in Lagos State, South-west Nigeria and the world at large.

Igbo rhymes meets Yoruba lyrics on the next song Uzobu, a previously released promotional single that interpolates the traditional Igbo call-response war chant Nzogbu Eyimba. Small Doctor revamped the track quite expertly and made it his own. This one will make all the Igbo Lagosians happy and serves as one of his finest moents on the album, an undeniable hit song that aleady has a beautiful video. Street rap king Seriki makes a guest appearance on the next song Oh My God, another impressive collaboration which continues to the next song Ile Ijo, a contemporary traditional dance song which is also one of his best performances on the project. The production on the song by 2T Boyz deserves a lot of commendation and Small Doctor put the beat to rest with an exquisite performance. Track 10 Say Baba is an energetic, Drum-driven record on which his tries his hand at street rap, the song didn’t fit the playlist somewhat and in my opinion could have been left out, but It’s sure going to appeal to a number of people who listen to the album, the song continues the album to Eleda Mi a finely crafted duet with Q Dot Alagbe who complimented Small Doctor with his unique gravelly and soulful voice as both artistes delivered and offered a song of thanks and praise to the creator, It’s the most inspirational and soul-stirring track on the LP and closes out the music listening experience on a strong note.The album then comes to an end with an outro, a shoutout to all his people and supporters who have stood by him along his chosen career path.

Ladies and gentlemen, the crown prince of contemporary Fuji music is Small Doctor and Omo Iya Teacher is a very strong project which I feel is one of the best albums released by a Nigerian artiste last year. The A&R direction on the project, the production quality as well as the album packaging deserves a lot of commendation. Real Beat Planet struck while the iron was hot and delivered a well rounded body of work at a time when Small Doctor is the biggest he has ever been in his career. The album has a very high replay value and the fact that Small Doctor picked his best songs for the album means that it will be continuously played by his fans. Unlike most albums that dropped last year which had over 18 songs each, Small Doctor learnt from his previous album and did a great job picking which songs will make the project, and I posit that nobody that fully understands Nigerian urban music will deny the quality of this album and his unique talent. And perhaps with more promotion/marketing Naira, the album will be a lot bigger than it currently is however Real Beat Planet deserves a very great commendation for the release of this album and are definitely in possession of one of the finest new artistes in the Nigerian music business. This album is highly recommended.

Beats/Production:-  8.7/10

Lyrics:- 9/10

Composition/Arrangement:-  9/10

Best Verse:- Omo Iya Teacher 

Standout Track:- ile Ijo 

Musical Moment:- The album is a moment 

Album Rating:-  8.9/10