Critical Breakdown:- Show Dem Camp – Clone Wars 2: The Subsidy [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Clone Wars 2 ( The Subsidy ) Mixtape

Artiste: – Show Dem Camp

Record Label:-  Independent

Guest Appearances: – Lucci, Poe, Yaylow, Funbi, FalzLynxxx, and Loc

Production Credits: – Kid Konnect, Kweku Ananse, Show N Prove, Luna Kidz and DJ Juls

Critical Breakdown

3 Years in the Nigerian Music scene, Show Dem Camp has already experienced the catastrophic nature of the Industry. originally referred to as the Saviours of Nigerian Hip-Hop by different industry watchers when they first burst on the scene, the duo of Ghost and Tech dropped the well received Clone Wars 1 Mixtape , and the low selling debut Album Dreamer Project  shortly after (Despite appearances of A-Listers like 2 Face, M.I Abaga, Nneka And May D on it as well as the high quality of Music).This led to them being in the Shadows and relegated to the backrooms for the last 2 years, though real followers of Underground Nigerian Hip-Hop Home and Abroad still root for them. They are not showing any signs of slowing down as is evident on the Star Wars and the Nigerian fuel Subsidy Fiasco inspired Sequel to their first released body of work, The 19 Tracker Clone Wars 2.

But as Per Clone Wars 2 Abi ,The Project features show Dem Affiliates Poe And Lucci a few times, as well as production from Kid Konnect and Show N Prove ( who both worked on Clone Wars 1 ).The Intro “We Gele” is a Trash talk which loops the Nigerian National Anthem, and is reminiscent of Ja Rules Classic “Big Remo” Skits. Ghost sets it off on “O.D” which has him rapping “On The Real ,The Dreamer Project was one of the best Hip-Hop Albums that Gidi’s ever seen sha / But what’s the point of having Classic Material if people can barely find it in the Streets Huh ? / Regardless by any means Imma eat brah / Still chasing the Dream so I don’t sleep much / Cos when you tryna run shit, its kinda counter-productive for you to kick your feet up” stating exactly what happened to their debut Album and why it flopped, alongside a smooth hook by Lucci and Poe dropping a well articulated 16 bars.”Just A Melody” is a heavy hi-hat hitting tune which had both MC’s flexing their lyrical Muscles mixed up with some Pimp chat, its something for the ladies but is one of my favourite songs on the Project. Lucci appears on the Mixtape once more on the next track “Got That yeah” which has all three of them spitting that Audio Dope, as the hook references the Amnesia Strain of Marijuana, and likening their Music to that drug that can turn you a Dope (Rap) Fiend. The first track which I actually know who produced ( DJ Juls ) on this Mixtape “Temi Yato” comes next and it means “My Own is Different” over a chooped and slowed down “I Need Ego” ( Money ) Chant it features Yaylow who drops an “Eminemesque” flow, which was off point the track topic, but spectacular nonetheless as he admitted not knowing what the title of song means. S.D.C Serenade the ladies lyrically on “Sweet Love” which features Lucci and Poe, just as Tech rightly said in the intro, Clone Wars 1 was devoid of such tracks, and it’s something good for the Female S.D.C Fans. Under appreciated R and B Maestro Funbi rides along with the duo on the following track “Remember Me” with a smooth Hook. The Song is an R18 track which has Tech and Ghost explaining exactly how they intend to put it down on the ladies and leave them coming back to knock some more boots. Another DJ Juls Production comes next with the Marijuana inspired/Induced “Free My Mind” which has ghost getting his Barry White on and references like Mashalala Kush ( A Strand Of Marijuana ) , Dhalsim from street Fighter, Duke Ellington, Playstation 3, District 9, Wolverine of X Men, Night Nurse Flu Syrup, Isale Eko Local Government of Lagos And Big Treat Bakery from both MC’s and that list definitely looks like a Stoners Survival kit. The next track “Ha Gawd” was performed over the instrumental of “Mighty O” By American Hip-Hop duo Outkast, and both MC’s get their Braggadocio on with brags and boasts and Tech dropping what I feel are most themed bars for the project check this “Omo life is moving slow / I’m just trying to grow / I’m just trying to get you all Acquainted to the flow / They tell me change up the style, I tell them where they can go / they tell me there’s a regime, I tell them I’ll overthrow / 80’s Baby so you know what we can do / born and raised in Naija so we are not afraid of coups / Subsidy music Clone Wars Volume 2 / Rappers wan dey start to protest men I’m sending out the troops / Poe and Looch, Ghost and Tech that’s the Crew / Occupy these Gidi Streets see the Military in View / , SDC Is like the Army Chappie your weak Bars cant harm me / Chappie so fall back.

SDC: Clone Wars 2

We all idolized Film stars as Kids, some of us even looked up to them as Father-Figures, SDC Decides to key into the latter infatuation on “Jackie Chan”, Chuck Norris and Van Damme also get mentioned on the Hook which suits the Track well as those three were Action Film Heroes, and like Tech explained on the hook “Didn’t Give A Damn” so that explains the killer lyrics and MC Extermination talk on this with Lucci who took the first verse. V.I.P Is a track which has Poe and Lucci Again alongside Ghost and Tech telling different Club Hopping Tales, and how the Club Life keeps calling though clubbing cold be a bore sometimes. Poe recites his Pledge to Hip-Hop for a Minute over the Instrumental of Aquemini by Outkast on “Poes Pledge” ,and the Mixtape continues with F.Y.I , which has them Talking about why they keep coming back to the Mic, and won’t stop doing what they’re doing , also that Lagos is Theirs, and nobody can take their gift from them.”Arsenal of Flows, Never Finish below Tottenham” – Tech .The song ends with a Grim Idi Amin Dada Vocal sample from “The Last King of Scotland”. They make no mistakes about their Temperament on “We Dey Vex” with Ghost sounding off “A Ying and Yang to Everything Including this Industry / So Bitches get the Pimp hand; Ladies the Chivalry, Real Niggas Epitomes and Haters get Diddly” / See Y’all making me exhausted from keeping it real”. Lucci had my best Verse on this song with his Tongue twists and Big Pun Impressions complete to strike a Chord in the Head of any Hip-Hop Fiend.”Whats Life” is a question more than Half of the World need an answer to, But SDC used this song to tell you what their life is all about with smooth violins and mellow kicks Tech didn’t around like he was joking as his Verse had this PSA Effect which made it hit home harder.”Word To Kobain” and “Just In Case”finish up the Mixtape and the latter is a song where Only Ghost Talks about some of the most significant things that have happened in his life, from talking about his Moms Death, His Daughter, to his Demons which he fights daily. He speaks to his Daughter on this song and it’s a heartfelt song which has him Crooning “Just in Case Babe, I Don’t make it home Tonight x3 Every time you’re feeling down and your Mascara was Smeared, Play this song back to yourself and know your Daddy is near!.on the Hook.

SDC Is the Truth, and if you love Hip-Hop, you will love this Mixtape period. The only Missteps for me on this Mixtape are track 12 “Situations” Featuring Falz and Lynxxx was Missing, and the Producers were not tagged to the tracks they produced, but honestly this Tape is solid, and SDC Hasn’t lost anything, they are stuck to their sound, agenda and mission in the Game, and it’s interesting to see how far they would go. Lucci is Versatile, and Poe is a very good Rapper who is well versed in Hip-Hop.They also displayed theur Art of Skits which is something that is neglected by many Hip-Hop Artistes home and abroad. These are all the things that this tape Clone Wars 2 Would tell you, SDC Balanced the Tape properly and sprinkled different themes, beats, references, and top notch wordplay all through this project, and it’s recommended for any True lover of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music.

Production:- 8.9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8.9/10

Composition:- 9/10

Favourite Verse:- We Dey Vex Verse 2 And O.D Verse 1

Best Production:- Free My Mind

Best Instrumental:- We Dey Vex

Shock Value:- None

Final Score:- 9/10