Critical Breakdown – Sane – Listen [ EP Review ]


Artiste:- Sane
Album:- Listen [ Extended Play ]
Record Label:- Reves Artiste Management
Distributed By:- Soundcloud
Guest Appearances:- NIL
Producers:- Interpolated Beats
Release Date:- January 15th 2016

Critical Breakdown 

Most times young rappers are scared or not confident enough to put out a body of work soon after they enter into the game, but not Sane, a young Lagos based artiste who delivered a 4-track EP titled Listen which serves as a culmination of his efforts so far and a musical showcase intended to further his pursuit of Hip-hop super-stardom. The EP starts off with the emotive story telling song Blessings, The song was laced with two stirring verses, the first verse told a story of the protagonist Blessing who was so overwhelmed by the pressures of life that she turned to drugs, while on the second he rapped about “A smart kid that couldn’t afford a smart phone / felt intimidated cuz he’s from a poor home” who eventually turned to online fraud to make ends meet, his delivery and lyrics went hand-in-hand with the production to produce a well crafted and poignant song. “And now my niggas just dey tell me say “Omo guy you dull, omo guy you dull, you for just lash am, leave am run” / but I understand cos none of them have ever been in love” he raps on the next song Hello which was originally performed by British singer Adele , but his cover is a reply of sorts, a rap version which encapsulates a tale of pain, heartbreak and a love lost. Although this song has been covered numerous times by various Nigerian artistes, there is something about his version that hits home and makes it much more realistic  to me.

Feel It In The Air by American rapper Beanie Siegel gets the cover treatment next on a song he called Love And Hate On which he discuses the sometimes inconsistent and wavering nature of man who could love you today and despise you tomorrow, rapping “Victor made a little money today dem go talk ( see your big mouth ) / Blood money, Yahoo money, how e talk work / Mind your business brother, make your own and lock up / cos it’s difficult to understand this world that we come from / that’s why I never judge a nigga, you placed in a better State don’t make you a better nigga” , spitting what I would call the quotable verse on the tape. The project comes to an end on Retarded a playful snap-rap song, and on the chorus he retorts “I fucked around and made a song retarded and these wack rappers they all sounding retarded“, he goes on to spit two verses which consisted of a cacophony of carefree bars, innuendos and stream of conscious catchphrases, reminiscent of the type of music obtainable from American trap rappers like Rich Homie Quan, Future and Young Thug.

The project is not bad for a first timer, and gives a clear insight into his Sanes musical capabilities and sonic leaning, all that is left is to build his career up from the foundation which has been set by the release of this EP. As a first time listener to his music, I am impressed and his performance on this project has piqued my interest in his future releases. Though the entire project is not well mastered I can tell that if he is put into the right studio set up, he would be able to craft even better music, his simplistic rap style and releateable subject matters makes his music easier to digest and the structure of his bars and his story-telling abilities shows that he understands the fundamental techniques of making hip-hop music, I am happy to have found him out, and I recommend his music.This may not be the best EP that was released last month, however it is a nice body of work that makes for good listening and proves that there is still a vast array of talents to be harnessed in the Nigerian Hip-hop underground, if only you LISTENed.

Production:- 5.5/10
Lyrics:- 6.5/10
Flow:- 6/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 6/10
Best Verse:- Love And Hate Verse 2
Standout Track:- I really enjoyed his cover of Hello by Adele, It’s unique and innovative.
Overall Rating:-  6/10