Critical Breakdown:- Phylosophy – Bread & Wine EP

Critical Breakdown:- Phylosophy – Bread & Wine EP [ Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Phylosophy - Bread & Wine EP [ Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Bread And Wine [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: – Phylosophy

Record Label:- Outstand Konnect

Guest Appearances: – Fly MC, Jimmy Fly, Onimisi Da Wordsmith, Jo Whiz, Gauge Behave, Jay O, Stasky, and Alfy,

 Production Credits:- Sizzle Pro [ Entirely ]

Release Date:- March 3 2013

Abuja Raised, US Based Rapper Phylosophy has been in the game since early 2000’s, Having been a member of Local Duo Mic-Checkers, with then unknown Rapper Magnito, the two of them put out the self titled Album in 2002 that made rounds in the underground Hip-Hop circuit in the Federal Capital Territory, before the crew disbanded, and Magnito went on to chase his career with a more diluted and mainstream Hip-Hop sound, Phylosophy stuck to what he knows, his brand of Hardcore Street Tales and Gangster Rap  came to the forefront of his art, and he has since then set up his own company Outstand Konnect that houses artistes like his younger brother Fly Emcee, Jay O, Jimmy Fly And Producer Sizzle Pro. He put out a Mixtape in 2010, and since then been working on his EP And another yet to be titled Mixtape. This is the EP Which he Christened Bread and Wine, A 7-Tracker released independently Last Month.

Triumphant sounding horns were fitted by Sizzle on the first track Hold It Down which is strictly a Family affair as his Brother Fly Emcee rides along with him over a thumping bass, they declare that “They Do Rap for a Reason”  and went on to drop solid sixteen’s that set the ambiance of the Project up. Phyl switches his gear on the next track Keep hustling  as he starts it off with “I watch the Signs all around me / Waterfalls Tsunamis / Egypt Gadaffi / The People getting angry / Leaders getting grimy / and shit is getting shiesty / and who is to blame ? I See nobody” and goes on to tackle more societal issues, Jimmy Fly and Onimisi Da Wordsmith both dropped good verses that followed the song theme as they collectively decried Boko Haram, Da Grins Death, Murder, Corrupt Politicians, This song has all the makings of a Radio single, as the hook is quite easy to sing along to and the Message was poignant, No matter what happens around you, keep pushing. A Straight semi-Violent Gangster Track Wetin U Go Do comes next, featuring JoWhiz and Gauge Behave, all three Emcees on this one simply broke down what they are going to do to enemies/haters/foes whilst retorting on the hook “Wetin You go do when I come for you” , A Track that is a staple for lovers of the almost nonexistent sub genre of Nigerian Gangster Rap. I’m Good is more like Outstand Konnect Anthem, as it features every member of the crew, the theme on this is basically letting you know that nobody balls more than Abuja Boys, A Song where they proudly hold it down for Abuja, while Jimmy Fly sums up the track by  declaring “AInt No Party like a Lagos Party / but aint no Balling Like The ABJ Balling” .the EP Goes on to Fi Mi le which is basically a Players anthem that has all the MC’s on the song recounting different rendezvous which they have had at different times with different women, The Hook was well Rendered By Jay O though I Felt Staski should have gone harder as he was left in the shadows by Phyl and Fly on this one.Take It On is the second to last track on the EP That has a sort of Crunk Bounce, another lovely hook , All MC’s came hard except the last Rapper Alfy whom I Feel should have been left off the song and the final Mix of the song which I feel wasn’t well done.Phyl goes dolo on the last Track Make You Mine where he confesses his love to his Flame and his intentions of starting a family with her, This is one of the best Tracks on the EP, A Well Produced Love song that was spiced with a solid Hook by Jay O and lines from Phylosophy that are sure to put a smile on the face of a good Majority of women.

Its always a good thing when Rappers that are not based in Lagos drop a project and represent their city with so much pride, you’re going to get a lot of that when you listen to this EP, All the Hooks were top Notch, though there are some Production Glitches and a few cheesy lyrics, The EP Is a Good listen for lovers of Hip-Hop, Abuja City Residents and Gangster Rap ( Track 3 ).Phylosophy is bringing something different to the Rap Game and the revolution would be televised via Abuja City right after the Communion.

Production:- 7.5/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7.9/10

Composition:- 8/10

Favourite Verse:-  Keep hustling Verse 1

 Best Production:- Im Good

Best Instrumental:- Fi Mi Le

Shock Value:-  None

 Final Score:- 7.8/10