Critical Breakdown:- Oritse Femi – Money Stops Nonsense

Critical Breakdown:- Oritse Femi – Money Stops Nonsense [ Album Review ]

Artiste:- Oritse Femi
Album:- Money Stops Nonsense
Record Label:- MSN Gang
Distributed By:- Obaino Music.
Guest Appearances:- Davido, B-Red, Oluwaseun , Harrysong, Skales, Timaya, Shata Wale, Cynthia Morgan, Ice Prince, Patoranking,Phyno, Davido, D’Banj, M.I Abaga, White Man, Shookah, and Remi Aluko.
Producers:- Puffy Tee, Obodo, Fliptyce, OY Production, Josh Beatz, Okayyor, Lah Lah and Laylow.
Release Date:- 1 May 2015

Oritse Femi aka The Musical Taliban is a really peculiar Artiste who has transcended two different eras of Nigerian Urban music.One of the last breed of Ajegunle Artistes, who graduated from the famed Music School which was opened by the Late Johnny Napp to groom upcoming talent in the ghettos of Lagos.The academy also produced Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh, Fada U-Turn and Baba Fryo.He was then signed by the late Norris Cole to his imprint Rumours Music as part of the duo The Junglists with his friend Chibudo, They were modeled after the Danfo Drivers ( Mountain Black and Mad Melon ) and went on to release two well received albums Boys Dey Binu ( 2004 ) and Money Na Time ( 2005 ) which were politically charged, conscious and commercially viable.

The Junglists – Eye Don Clear

Following the death of their CEO, The group disbanded and while Chibudo faded to obscurity, Oritse Femi remained in the game and dropped his first solo Album Elewon (2006) which produced the nominal hit track Flog Politicians.His next album Wicked World ( 2009 ) kept him afloat but it was his third project Unfadeables which changed his career for the better, transformed his sound and catapulted him into the consciousness of mainstream music listeners.His single Mercies Of The Lord was a smash hit, and the remix which featured the late Da Grin and Rhymzo was released after the death of the late Yoruba rap legend, and contained arguably one of the most poignant guest verses ever delivered by Da Grin.Just when everybody thought he could not get bigger in 2013 Oritse Femi once again trumped the naysayers by releasing one of his biggest singles till date Double Wahala, a Fela Kuti inspired single which won him more fans and set the stage for the release of his 4th solo Album Money Stops Nonsense, which was released on the 1st of May 2015.

Oritse Femi – Mercies Of The Lord [ Remix ] Featuring Da Grin And Rhymzo Official Video 

He gets straight to business on the first song Mercy a medley which was inspired by his last solid hit song Mercies Of The Lord possibly to reintroduce himself to his new fans who are just getting to know him on this album.The next song Story Of My Life is exactly that, a biographical song which details his life from when he was born till date, taking us on a journey over the Reggae instrumental which fit the message he was trying to convey just well.The Fliptyce produced Igbeyawo comes next, with this one he created a nice song that will make it to a lot of wedding playlists and engagement parties.Previously released Redi Dance borrows from a contemporary highlife sound, it was tailor made for the clubs,he sprinkled it with lewd lyrics which complimented the song, and made it another “Shoki-Ready” hit track.MSN Gang and HKN Gang get together on the next song Debe Confirm, a song which I feel was created to cast some spotlight on Davido and Oritse Femis’ Label Proteges B-Red and Oluwaseun, while the latter gave a good account of himself, B-Red didn’t leave much to be desired and sounded entirely out of place.The Harrysong featured Sukus is a highly forgettable dance song which comes next and precedes the Skales featured Zangarewa another underwhelming song which I feel would have been better off without the guest appearance.I always expect a memorable song on a Timaya featured song but that was not the case as the Album once again falters on Money which had a dancehall vibe, and sounded dated, Egberi Papa definitely left his A-game at home before recording this song.The dancehall sound continues on the next song Want It which features Cynthia Morgan and Ghanaian Dancehall maestro Shatta Wale, a nice collaboration which was laced with the “Ajegunle sound and will be appreciated by many Galala aficionados.Next comes the first single from this Album Double Wahala,a hit track which everybody is familiar with already however the song that comes next Destiny is a below par attempt at making an R&B song and doesnt work for me even the slightest.

Oritse Femi – Double Wahala Part 1 – Official Video

The sound of the album changes unexpectedly to a “Snap Rap” sound on Gat It which featured another verse by Ice Prince which was riddled with the word “Nigga” ( this seems to be his favourite word at the moment ),On this one  Oritse Femi did his best Migos/Young Thug impression,though it was made to appeal to the rap heads, it did not fit into the “soundscape” of the album at all.You probably will not hear a better Davido collaboration this year than Sexy Lady, the next song which is a sure fire hit song,the album mix made it sound even better.He enters his comfort zone on Oju Ti Leri, the next song which is one that will make Kegites and Drunkards happy as it was performed over a “gyration instrumental” and celebrates drunkenness.Culture which filters in next follows in the sound of its predecessor down the gyration lane, but is more geared to his fans in Eastern Nigeria, I’m quite sure this one will go down as a fan favourite as well.Patoranking shows up on Sodiyen,another repetitive pop song which I feel should have been left on the cutting room floor.Next track is Halla My Name featuring Phyno , another below par collaboration which doesn’t do much for me.The album continues on Body and Soul which is yet another poor song which doesn’t have replay value whatsoever to me.M.I Abaga is the guest on Life Is Good, with an uncharacteristic poor verse which was only matched my Oritse Femi’s unmotivated and lack lustre performance on this song.Double Wahala Part 2 features D’Banj who added more star power to the song and gave it a very much needed international exposure.The curtains fall on the album with the next two songs Oma Ilaje Featuring White Man & Shookah and Ijoya Featuring Remi Aluko which are actually two of the better songs on here, but didn’t do much to salvage the final collective output.

Oritse Femi – Double Wahala Part 2 Featuring D’Banj – Official Video 

Just after this Album dropped, Oritse Femi quit his label MSN Gang and fired his erstwhile Manager Danku, so it is no surprise to me this Album came out as it did.There is simply no musical direction on here,as a house in disarray can never function effectively.I have to say this is the most tedious Album review I have ever written.The listening process was more of an Augean task than an actual musical experience.Almost all the collaborations on here sounded more obligatory than organic and there is nothing to take home lyrically from this project.I have listened to all 4 of his Albums and this may be the “biggest” in terms of collaborations and fan-reach but it is the worst in terms of musicianship, Oritse Femi Is someone who is very talented, but he has proven to me with this Album that you need much more than talent to put a classic project together and can release over 20 songs with 10 A-List guest appearances without saying anything, apart from the obvious hit tracks, this album is almost a throwaway project which I think should have been appropriately titled Money Starts Nonsense.

Beats/Production:- 8/10

Lyrics:- 4/10

Composition/Arrangement:- 4/10

Best Verse:- Nil 

Standout Track:- Oju Ti Leri And Culture 

Musical Moment:- Nil

Album Rating:- 5.3/10