Critical Breakdown:- Ms Chief – The Boss Lady EP [ Review ]


C.A.B:-  The Boss Lady [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: –  Ms Chief

Record Label:-  Beat Buxx Entertainment

 Guest Appearances: –  Zara Gretti, Kel , Yemi Alade , EX-O Cash In, J.Berg, XII Gage, Slim T, GB, Ace Tha Emcee, And Da Grin

 Production Credits:- Tin Tin, Adeyemi, Ill Will And EX-O Cash In

 Release Date:- April 6th 2013

 For a woman, making a career for yourself as a rapper  in Nigeria is a harrowing venture.In todays climate, I believe its one of the most horrendous occupations a woman can take up in the west side of Africa, however some brave Ladies have blazed the trail, and exhibited the kind of resilience that would put a smile on the face of The Late Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, They have shown that they can play in the same field as their Male counterparts and co-exist adequately in the same musical eco-system. Despite all the effort they have put in, you can still count the number of Female Rappers in Nigeria that have put out a full length project with your Finger-Tips, and the Mixtape record is even worse. These statistics do not affect longtime Female MC MS.Chief who has two projects to her name, having worked on the highly rated Recognize Volume 1 Mixtape with her label mates ( J.Berg, Ace Tha Emcee And XII Gage ) , she wasted no time in compiling a full length effort The Boss Lady EP, Which she intended as a foundation for her takeover and eventual dominance of the Throne of Femceeing in Nigeria.

The 12 Track EP/Mixtape which is the 3rd project released by Beatbuxx Entertainment [The Big Chill – J.Berg, And The Recognize Volume 1 Compilation Were the first two] begins with a phone call between two of the Record Label Executives on the Intro, postulating that the streets were eagerly anticipating this Project and went on to introduce Ms Chief, though I felt the Rick Ross Song References [So SophisticatedHold Me Back And Acting Up] were corny. The Show sets off the Music , and Ms.Chief wasted no time in riding the beat with intensity spitting Yo, I Know I got a couple Fans Now / But let me tell you, I don’t wanna Fall their hands now [ which I feel is why she put this Tape out and on time too] , she also laced a hook that went really well with the song, creating a good first impression for people who aren’t Familiar with her before coming across this , The previously released Radio Friendly Single Wantin Feauring Ex-O Cash In Comes next, this one is an all out club song which shows her strength as a Hitmaker, the Hook and production also complimented her verses, and if there was a Category for best single by a Female Rapper, This would be a strong contestant.Ms.Chief is still in a party mood on Bad Featuring GB, another uptempo club song, which is just as good as its predecessor, The beat changes midway to a Techno/Funky/Trance/ House vibe I really like, and GB Displayed his Artistry on this one as well, Im guessing this song should be in Rotation on Radio stations that are worth their salt by now. She returns to some “Real Rapping” on Don’t Think About It featuring J.Berg And XII Gage, It’s a street Rap song where all three of them exhibited their Lyrical Abilities, its directed towards Haters,Doubters and Detractors, letting them know that Beat Buxx Entertainment is on a Paper Chase and would not be distracted, the Trap/Crunk inspired instrumental also did well to make this song one that lovers of Street Rap like me would appreciate , Ms Chief also showed that she can Rap fast on this one, proving that she can switch flows, and thats commendable in an industry packed with mono-style MC’s.Once again She displays her hit making capabilities on the next Track Slow [ Jeje ] The Tin-Tin Produced single , which I feel is an all out Hit track, A Song I have on my playlist at the moment, and I pray a  pretty woman would walk up to me and whisper the Hook in my Ear in the Club Someday before I die. I also give her credit for switching up her flow for the third time on the Tape on this Track, clearly showing her Versatility to people like us who like our Rappers malleable.

Beatbuxx360 Recognize Cypher

Beat Buxx All Stars Cypher [ Ms Chief Needs A Video ]

International featuring Ace Tha Emcee and Slim T Is another lovely song, laced with an Africano Inspired instrumental, that sets it off real well, This song is a Standout, not only because of how good it is, but because You probably won’t catch Slim T Rapping with this kind of Fervour on any of his songs you may have heard, I Know Slim T is good, but I didn’t know he was this Lyrical, I Really love this song which lovers of Hip-Hop would love ( Yes your Rap taste regardless, you should appreciate this one ).Im Totally in support of Women Taking the Bull by the Horns sometimes and going for what they want , so you can imagine how I felt when I heard Blow Ma Mind, a Reggae influenced song, on which Ms.Chief once again switched her flow to mild patois, I feel this song is a Female Empowerment song that gives me the idea she may be a little bit of a Feminist, she walks up to the man that catches her eyes and sultrily declared “who tell you say Girl no dey toast Boy ? / Im not scared to approach you though”, I’m sure only a minute percentage of Guys won’t agree with her stance on this song, conceptual and well executed, another song that sounds every inch like a Radio single. Despite being what I would call a “Mid-Level” Artiste, she’s still enjoying the benefits of being a Star, and she revels in that on the next track Changed  where she raps Money in the Bank, Cash in my Hand on the hook, and going on to rap about the affluence Music has brought her. It’s always a pleasure to hear Da Grins Voice, especially on Posthumous Tracks , That’s why the next Track Like Friday is my Favourite on the Project , a previously released single which I feel Fans of Da Grin And Fans of Nigerian Hip-Hop at large should appreciate. She credits her hustle spirit on the  never say die attitude ( which most Nigerians possess ) on Soldier, and rounds the project off with a Remix to Wanting that featured Yemi Alade, Zara EX-O And Kel, It’s another very good single  where everyone complimented the Original Version, I also liked the way Zara Gretti Rapped ( get well soon girl and get back o Music ) as she doesn’t do that too often nowadays.

Is not every day you see a Girl posing in a Picture with a Cuban Cigar in her hand, and I believe the Album cover is a statement, Though I am in no position whatsoever to crown Ms Chief the Queen of Hip-Hop in Nigeria, I got to say whoever claims she is Queen right now has to guard her Throne jealously because it’s not safe, that I can say, Ms. Chief is coming for it. This and the G.I.G.O EP By Eva Alordiah are presently the two best Projects by a Female Rapper ever in Nigeria , however Ms Chief also showed different sides of her on this Tape, she’s a Hit maker, she’s good with Hooks and she can Rap, The production on the Mixtape is out of this world, She also displayed versatility switching styles at will( as I remarked at some intervals in the second paragraph )  and she has a Da Grin Verse on it as well. Beat Buxx Entertainment definitely got a Good Artiste in her, and I hope she stays with them for a while. ( Given the present Climate between Artistes and their labels )  This EP Should be downloaded by everyone who loves Nigerian Music, Ms Chief has proven she is a Boss Lady in her own rights and should be heralded as such.

Production:- 9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 9/10

Composition:- 9/10

Favorite Verse:- Da Grin On Like Friday [ Remix ]

Best Production:- International By Tin Tin

Best Instrumental:- Slow [ Jeje ] By Tin Tin

Shock Value:- Tin Tin Really impressed me, all the songs he produced on this Project are Hot, and I rate his Production skills highly after this

Final Score:- 9/10


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