Critical Breakdown:- Mo’Fame — Bridging The Gap EP

Critical Breakdown:- Mo’Fame — Bridging The Gap EP [ Review ]


Reviewer:- Obinna “Fazillion”Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Bridging the Gap [ Extended Play ]

Artiste:- Mo’Fame

Label:- Lockdown Entertainment / Industreet Music

Guest Appearances:- Terry Tha Rapman, Monemsis, Erigga New Money, Glenn, Fame, B’Robby, Baby Rhymszs, Juzt Courage, BIXF, Griot, Fulleffex, Lato, C-Slake, And Duno,

Production Credits:- Michael Excel, Rayconex, Sugarking And Baby Rhymszs

The Great Benin Kingdom known today as a “City” is renowned for producing some of Nigeria’s multi dimensional And pace-setting MC’s.The Bronze City is known to have launched the careers of Hip-Hop Artistes like Sanchez, Cyrus Tha Virus, Game Over, Gino, Slizzy E And Sossick to a National level, not to mention musical Legends like the Great Sir Victor Uwaifo, Evi Edna Ogoli, And Sunny Okosuns who all hail from that Kingdom.

The Hip-Hop tradition in Benin City and Edo State at Large has Spawned many Up and Coming Artistes who are determined to make it, and Mo’Fame is one of the Troopers at the Fore Front of that movement, having been on the underground scene for about 3 years and featured and worked on records with Artistes like Cyrus Tha Virus, Femcee Cyclone, Michael Xcel,Fame, Monemsis And more, he has decided to launch his career on a National scale with his Independent imprint Industreet Music solidly behind him, and a handful of collaborators and Co Signs, he drops the 10 track extended play project Bridging The Gap.

Terry Tha Rapman starts off the Project with a drunken intro, where he declares 2013 a Mo Fame year,and Mo fame comes in immediately with ”No Dulling” which features Monemsis who performed just the hook, and this one has Mo’Fame letting everyone know he’s not Slipping in this Rap Game, and hes going straight for the kill By any means with lines  like “im In my own Zone , Im not Distracted by Hoes / I Put on my hustle boots and im good to go” and Monemsis Crooning “Anyhow I Go Take Am, Anyhow I go make Am”. Next comes the Dancehall Influenced LOL which featured Glenn And Erigga ,and it’s a Party Starter that has Mo Flexing his Patois Muscles, and Erigga New Money with a vintage verse, though the hook by Glenn sounds out of place, the track works well on the dance floor. Upcoming Producer  Sugarking Mans the boards on the Queen sampled “The Paper” which was Tailored for the hustlers and trappers with  haunting Kicks, Snares and Hi Hats , and Mo Fame spewing Venom with bars like “Before I Left Mama told me “Bring the Money Home” / That’s why I want the Paper, That’s all I am working for / These Fake Ass Friends, that’s all they be Coming For / Real is A Relative term, Yeah I get it / If You aint talking Money, My guy Please forget it” Alongside Biggie Smalls Vocals on the Hook, this makes the song one of the standouts for me on the Project.”Ojukokoro” which was Produced by Michael Excel ( He Handles A Bulk Of the Project ) is addressed towards the haters and those who don’t want Mo’Fame to make it, and he assures them that their opinions nonetheless, he’s determined to make it. The Hook and Bridge was performed by Fast rising Artiste Fame who put up a decent performance. Previously released single “Each and Everday” which features B’robby is next, and it’s one of those Tracks where the Artiste pours out his Thoughts and fights his Demons with personal heartfelt details about his life and its something any Fan of Mo’Fame who wants to know why he does what he does and what motivates him should study. Mo Fame goes for the clubs once more on the next track “L.A.B.B” Cover which is something to get in DJ Mixes, and would definitely rock any party.”Fame Beget Hate” is another song that has Mo’Fame speaking on his road to success, which has been marred by fake friends, snakes, hindrances and more, and also states once more that he’s going harder than ever to put his detractors to shame. The Frank Sinatra “Once Upon A Time” is a conscious track which has him reminiscing on when things were all so good, and the production is intense, bringing back the essence of why he raps, which is my best track on the Mixtape. A Posse Cut is a Traditional Hip-Hop Staple, and Mo’Fame Chooses to end his Project on that note with underground MC’s C-Slake, Juzt Courage, BIXK, Lato, Fulleffex And Griot riding Shotgun,and BIXF Steals the show with intricate wordplay and lines  like “My Pops Lunar Cycle is Fucked up cos even at Night his Son Up / My Moms Mum Cos Her Boy Pack A Hundred Stories, That Way You Think twice Before You might wanna Run Up”, over top notch production by Michael Excel.

Ladies and Gentlemen,an EP [ Extended Play ] , is simply a collection of more than 3 singles, or song that were made for a project but couldn’t make it, and all the songs on this EP Serve that Purpose, Mo’Fame delivered, and apart from the first track and the last track ,all the songs on this EP Are bonafide sngles that an Artiste could push, and with that Mo’Fame accomplished his mission.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7/10

Composition:- 8/10

Favorite Verse:- Each And Everyday Verse 1

Best Production:- The Paper

Best instrumental:- The Paper

Shock Value:- Usual Collaborators Cyrus Tha Virus And Femcee  Cyclone Conspicously Missing from The Project

Final Score:- 7.6/10

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