Critical Breakdown:- Modenine – Look What I Found

Critical Breakdown:- Modenine – Look What I Found [ EP Review ]


Artiste:- Modenine
Album:- Look What I Found[ Extended Play ]
Record Label:- Red Eye Muzik
Distributed By:- Soundcloud
Guest Appearances:- NIL
Producers:- DJ Papercutt [ Hosted And Produced ]
Release Date:- January 12th 2016

If longevity, consistency and resilience are the true tests of greatness, then determining the greatest Nigerian rapper of all time will not be a problem at all, Modenine is definitely one of the top contenders . The veteran Hip-hop artiste has transcended three different eras of Nigerian hip-hop music, stuck to his musical disposition and outlasted most of his contemporaries who started at the same time or even before him. Although todays music scene is no longer what it used to be and apart from 2Face Idibia, most artistes who laid the foundation for the building that houses all contemporary urban genres find it quite hard to deliver a body of work, or keep on releasing music, but Modenine has remained steadfast, catering to his cult-fanbase and also devising more ways to push his music and brand forward ( such as becoming a brand ambassador for UK Clothing line Aerosoul and collaborations with American rappers Canibus and Awkword, ).

He started the year off by releasing what will be his 13th body of work, Look What I Found EP a 5-track compilation that was recorded as far back as 2008 with South African producer DJ Papercutt. The project was intended to serve as a prelude to his 8th studio album Insulin which is set at an unconfirmed date later in the year. He gets straight to the business of spitting his characteristic punchline-ridden hypermasculine bravado rap on the first track The Opening, spitting “They want that Pentium IX Mode/ I kiss teeth bruv, I am off that road / They try to say I didn’t grow up/ I don’t even spit no more, I just show up and throw up / and shock ’em with electrifying lines / They talking like I fell off, I’m still prime time / Ninestein age like fine wine/ Y’all must be mixing Codeine in your Kai-Kai / Mastermind, I am one of the great debaters / Old Mode good, but new Mode is way greater / still standing more than a decade later Ha, when my peers disappeared / Sometimes, I feel like ending this illicit affair“, he goes on to spit 36 bars non-stop over a jingling piano backdrop that enveloped his lyrics like a glove. The next song,a soulful,mid-tempo, feel-good track Back Where I Belong has all the trappings of a promotional single for the project, one that perhaps deserves a music video. The EP falters a bit on the Jazz oriented Super Cool, which was not only poorly mixed, but sounded dated and didn’t exactly connect with me. No Topic is another strong rap song, performed over a soulful production, but Modenine core fans would be able to recognize that the verses on this song had previously been used before, thus giving off the idea that this song might have been a leftover from one of his projects on the cutting room floor and probably should have remained there. The EP culminates on the next song Lagos To Jo’Burg, which is the definitive track that symbolizes the musical fusion between both countries on the project. The song comes at a time where the relationship between the two countries musical scenes is at its strongest point ever and serves as a stark reminder that Modenine was the first rapper to do it Intra-continentaly and gain the respect of the South African hip-hop community.

LWIF is neither his best work nor his worst and will offer some sort of respite for his fans who have been anticipating a Modenine project before he eventually drops his album later in the year. Apart from the fact that it frees him more Gigabytes on his hard drive,The project adds to his collaborations with producers ( 5 in number, Kraft, XYZ , Mills The Producer, Alias and DJ Papercutt )and serves as a sort of rallying cry to get his fans together in preparation for Insulin. Even though the project was recorded in 2008, apart from the recycled verses, it sounds fresh production-Wise and the veteran MC sounds sharp and crisp as ever, proving he can still kick it after 12 years in the rap game as a solo act.

Beats/Production:- 9/10
Lyrics:- 6/10
Flow:- 7/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 7/10
Best Verse:- The Opening
Standout Track:- Back Where I Belong

Overall Rating:- 7.5/10

DOWNLOAD & STREAM – Modenine & DJ Papercutt – Look What I Found EP HERE