Critical Breakdown:- Mode 9 – The Paradigm Shift

Critical Breakdown:- Mode 9 – The Paradigm Shift [ Album Review ]


Words by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

Mode 9 once more steps up to the occasion in Naija hip-hop and to affirm that he’s a lyricist extraordinary and also to disprove flat heads like 2-shotz who rapped “we no fit sell hardcore for naija men”
Definitely not his best work so far (I still prefer Pentium ix), but his first on his own record outfit. RED EYEZ RECORDS,and his official sophomore debut, Mode 9 simply does what he does best bring hard lyrics alongside soulful boom bap beats .the Album starts off on a hard note with Mode flowing over some lovely violin backdrop, on “Big boy rap”, Another cut is “Spartans” where 9 brings down the house lyrically with lines like “your girl gave me the combination of her chastity belt\that’s how the west was won without Cassidy’s help” next standout track features Mallam spicey ,Rocksteady, and Oso Sensi where 9 displays his versatility by switching to a reggae tuned flow while Mallam spicey delivers a worthy hook. other cuts include “Hip-hop”, and the G-lynx produced “Imperial” and “Mathematical Sege” Where 9 goes “don’t test my cool (Michael) cuz u aint thrilling me\im 9ice around mics I got street credibility”, but my favorite cut on the album is “A hero comes home” where Apprentice handles the boards and lets us know why heads need to run to him for a beat,And mode delivers a well crafted story where he goes against two imaginary foes “Dj Wackmix” and “Reggaeton don” . The highest point for me had to be track 22 “Deathblow” where 9 dismembers Rugged man with scorching bars like “U aint banging men u is a fire cracker\im the shit men and u is the shit packer\Rasqie was wack but Ur new shit is wacker”.

The low points of the album are “Ur girl”,”Im talking to you” feat Banky w where he recycles the lyrics off “Warning” on DJ Jimmy Jatts Definition Mixtape and changes the beat to a less inspiring one by the Muzik Men and “Forbidden love” where Rocksteady delivers a below par performance, Also, a Terry the Rapman verse was surprisingly missing, and many heads were expecting Terry on the Album but the album makes a good listen because a 22 track hip-hop album in Nigeria is a rarity mode 9 clearly shows his growth and maturity and also shows us why the history of his hip-hop is too deep to be dissected.


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