Critical Breakdown:- MI-Fliss – Sex, Love, Relationships & Blowj*bs EP

Critical Breakdown:- MI-Fliss – Sex, Love, Relationships & Blowj*bs EP [ Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- MI-Fliss - Sex, Love, Relationships & Blowj*bs EP [ Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Love, Sex, Relationships And Blowjobs [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: – MI Fliss

Record Label:- Runz Entertainment And Lady Spinsters

Guest Appearances: – Jonah Tha Monarch

 Production Credits:- Jonah Tha Monarch, DJ The Dead, Sarz, And MI Fliss

Release Date:- 28 February 2013


Depending on how comprehensive your knowledge of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music is, MI Fliss is a Pioneer of Sorts, A True Hip-Hop Entity who cuts no corners or conforms to the norm when putting together his Records. A Former member of the Crew Nuff Noiz with MC like Psalmurai in the Mid 2000’s, They came the attention of the Hip-Hop Listening populace when they had a short beef with The Thorobredz ( Ill Bliss, Amaka, Elajoe, B Elect and MGB ) that ended Amicably, Fliss went solo, and then appeared on the Underground Str8buttah Smash Bring It , Years later he dropped Probably one of the First Instrumentals I heard from Sarz On Underwear ( Bra and Pant) , A Song that Pushed Censorship Boundaries in Nigerian Hip-Hop, and was eventually banned by the NBC, That didn’t deter Fliss, as he went on to appear on the Smash I No Send You By Tha Suspect ,that song garnered him enough momentum to drop his five track EP Sex, Love, Relationships and Blowjobs on his independent outfit Runz Entertainment, but before that he dropped the collaboirative beat tape with XYZ Of Str8buttah Nice One.

 The Title of the EP Can already tell you the plot, an EP Influenced and Inspired by his dealings with the opposite sex, that starts off with Wanna Kno Ya Name that features Hip-Hop Producer now singer Jonah D Monarch with a well delivered hook that set the tone for Fliss to spit some bars from the bottom of his heart to the girl in question Ill Buy You a Lifestyle , Pricey things no lie / I Aint no comedian, but if you no gree, I Go Die  he spits over a smooth production which really complimented the track. He continues his love tales on Ode to the love of my life ( A.D.A.O.B.I ) , a track he produced, and laced with a hard hitting kick and an ambience reminiscent of A J.Dilla production. Fliss ran through the song and expressed his love to his Heartthrob with the best adjectives he could gather, I really like this song, He utilised his Unorthodox delivery to the fullest on this one, and as someone that likes his style, I wasn’t complaining. The Production on the next track Fly Mami was all over the place, and probably didn’t suit the track in my opinion, and  lines like Baby girl you fly like an Aeronautic Engineer, further made the song a throw away for me.It’s not a track that has repeat value quality in my opinion. The Aforementioned underwear (  Bra and Pant ) produced by Sarz is a sultry R 18 Track where Fliss Explains in some detail how he gets down with a girl behind closed doors, with graphic lines like Lets take it slow, baby work that show / watch you unbutton your blouse in slow Mo / No hurry, No Rush / Just Hush / Unhook the Bra With One Touch / Shaking that 38D Cup / Dance for me, That G String Wont Fuck Me Up” you won’t need to wonder why the song was eventually banned by the NBC, However I like this song, Its always been a track I Like, Fliss was a True Artiste on this one, and did exactly what his Artistic Licence afforded him, I Cant recall another Sex-Rap song right now in my head as explicit as this in Nigeria, Plus Encouraging girls to wave their G Strings in the air at the end of the song has always had me wondering how it would look like should all the girls at his show comply to that Proclamation.

The Mixtape Ends with a Radio edit of Track 2 Which is his current single at the moment. I Enjoyed the new tracks on this except Fly Mami, and they make good additions to my Nigerian Hip-Hop library, If you’re really into Hip-Hop, Fliss is someone to follow and keep tabs on, I Feel he needs to put out more material and collaborate more with Hip-Hop Acts in order to keep his name in the game, because I can tell quitting is not in the plan for Fliss, But for now, Its all about Sex, Love, relationships and Oral Sex.

Production:- 7/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7/10

Composition:- 7/10

Favourite Verse:-  Underwear ( Bra and Pant Verse 1 )

 Best Production:- Ode To the Love Of My Life ( A.D.A.O.B.I )

Best Instrumental:- Ode To the Love Of My Life ( A.D.A.O.B.I )

Shock Value:-  Listen To Track 4 lol

 Final Score:- 7 /10


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Critical Breakdown:- MI-Fliss - Sex, Love, Relationships & Blowj*bs EP [ Review ]