Critical Breakdown:- MC Skill Tha Preacha – Supernat Over Preemo

Critical Breakdown:- MC Skill Tha Preacha – Supernat Over Preemo [ EP Review ]


Artiste:- MC Skill Tha Preacha
Album:- Supernat Over Preemo
Record Label:- Master Volume Productions
Distributed By:- Soundcloud
Guest Appearances:- NIL
Producers:- DJ Premier [ Interpolated Beats ]
Release Date:- January 12th 2016

Critical Breakdown

If there is any award MC Skill Tha Preacha should be a strong contender for, it has to be “Most Consistent Underground Rapper” and although that award category, nor any Hip-hop award for that matter exists in Nigeria, keen Hip-hop observers, curators, tastemakers and journalists have all recognized MC Skill as the guy that “Keeps coming back”. Since 2011’s Metaphysical Induction, the rapper who has always maintained Modenine and KRS One as his primary influences has gone on to deliver 5 more projects ( Get Dope Or Die Wack; 2012, Project X and Free Throws; 2013, Free Throws 2; 2014, and last years The Season EP which stands as his strongest body of work till date and featured American rapper Awkword. This year, he started the year off with a 5 track project titled Supernat Over Preemo an EP which was inspired by Modenines 2010 Mixtape Mode Over Preemo, and in similar fashion had the rapper who goes by the monicker Supernatural rhyming over selected beats by the great American boom bap custodian DJ Premier.

               Unlike Modenine who rhymed over 19 classic beats which had previously been used by artistes like Bahamadia, Nas, Jay Z, Mos Def, Rass Kass and Gangstarr, MC Skill chose 5 of his favourite Premier beats off his most recent collaborative body of work Prhyme, an eponymous album with Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9 with whom he formed a group similar to his former legendary group with the late Guru aka Baldhead Slick, Gangstarr.
On the first track You Looz, he rhymes sporadically with his trademark gruff commanding tone for a little over a minute, rapping “These little kids, they wanna be like me, so I educate them” and then continues to the next song You Should Know which retained the original hook by Dwele and had him rhyming braggadocios over the two verses and also referencing some Nas lines from the first verse of “Nas Is Like” on the second, he also disparages “wack rappers” in his usual fashion, calling them blouse-sporting “prostitutes” , declared himself “Top 5 dead or alive, shoutout to ‘Kiss” and then concluded by sending shout-outs to Malawian rappers Dominant-1 and Third Eye, UK Based rapper Shva-1, American Rapper Awkword, his partner in rhyme Magic and Str8buttahs Teckzilla, all of whom supported him on the remix for his single The Season. The third song Dat Sound Good is once again another bragfest and at this point, he begins to sound repetitive and a bit like a hum-drum until he redeems himself on the next song Courtesy, on which he gave a brief recap of the 7 projects he has dropped thus far, his struggle to make it in the game, as well as the tenacity and resilience that has brought him this far. The EP comes to a close on the final cut To Me, To You which had him thanking his fans for supporting him before he once again sprinkled some cocky lines across the track.

MC Skill Tha Preacha surely deserves commendation for how far he has come in a short while, and I can’t help but think he is going to be here for as long as he keeps up his grind. His 7 projects make for an extensive discography, but Supernat Over Preemo is neither his best nor worst body of work. The project is a picture into his musical leaning and disposition at the moment but lacks the x-factor which makes projects standout. The 5-Tracks almost sound like a medley of repetitive hardcore hip-hop bragging over The Prhyme instrumentals with nothing special or remarkable to take away.Simply put, MC Skill does not tell me anything I did not already know, nor did he do anything new on the project, nonetheless it’s a nice addition to his discography and something to keep his fans in the loop until he delivers his debut album Diary Of A Supernatural.

Beats/Production:- —
Lyrics:- 5/10
Flow:- 5/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 5/10
Best Verse:-
Standout Track:- NIL
Overall Rating:-  5/10