Critical Breakdown:- MC Skill Tha Preacha & Magic Man – Project X...

Critical Breakdown:- MC Skill Tha Preacha & Magic Man – Project X [ EP Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Project X [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: – MC Skill Tha Preacha And Magic Man

Record Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances: – Modenine And Psalmurai,

Production Credits: – Stormatique, Teckzilla and M.P

Sitting Down here, I cannot recall A Collaboration EP between Two Rappers that has been released in Nigeria before. Underground Rappers Mista Dry Gin And Certified C4 Put out the Collaborative Mak-Town Meets Lasgidi Mixtape while Professor Deckzavier And The Invinsible Enigma released The Professor And The Pugilist EP, Both released in 2011,and that is as far as I can recall Collaborative Mixtapes between any two Nigerian Rappers.

 Enter MC Skill Tha Preacha And Magic Man Of Nutty 2 , Two Hip-Hop acts who have been working and putting out material for a while now. Lagos based MC Skill is relatively known Online, and has 2 mixtapes (The Metaphysical Induction And Get Dope Or Die Wack) To his Name while Port Harcourt based Magic has one EP which he worked on as the Duo Nutty 2 ( The Breakout EP ).Together they decided to advance their course by dropping the 10 Track Offering in a Mission to bring their Fans, Cities and Ideas together.

 Modenine Shouts them Both out on the Intro, wanting to see how the EP Goes, and Track 2 A Previously released Single Self Creation produced by Stormatique starts the Musical journey off with a thumping Boom Bap Instrumental and the duo display lyrical spasms which has both of them checking the beat in its entirety. The Instrumental of MC’s act like they don’t know gets ripped apart by the duo on the next song which preserved the original name of the song originally performed by KRS One (Who is a Huge Influence on both MC’s) they go on to castigate lame Rappers and Fakers who populate the Rape game, though both of them Went in, I seemed to appreciate MC Skill’s Performance and his flow on this one. Teckzilla blesses the Banging Ready For War which samples Jay Z And lives up to its name with MC Skill spitting “Im from the Spiritual Realm where Cowards Don’t Exist / Physically murder G’s, They call it Man Slaughter / Bring Beef I Eat It Up Like Hamburger” while Magic Spits “I Stay Evergreen Like Star Beer / Rappers tryna Diss me on a Track but Their Bars are not Clear / They Rapping outside cuz they know that I’m not there / Get over here and Imma Smack your head on this Black Chair, definitely passing their Point across to anyone who may want to test them. Prolific MC Psalmurai does a Piece of intense Spoken word Poetry next on Halftime, and the Tape continues the Music on Hip-Hop produced by Stormatique who laced the track with blaring horns to create a Jazzy feel reminiscent of the Jazzmatazz Albums by the Late Guru.MC Skill uses this track to explain what Hip-Hop means to them, I particularly love how Skill described the Underground on his verse with hard hitting bars like You think you underground cos you aint signed to a record Label, Ha ! / Underground is a Subject matter / Underground isn’t quick to sign, I’m talking to you Fella / we apply this methodology not cuz we broke / we apply this technique men to give hope. Magic Man goes solo on the hard hitting Edison which is a Story about Someone who died while trying to revenge the death of his Best Friend, I like how the Story was executed with precision, and a Message was passed on this song, making it one of the top points on the Project for me. Both MC’s come together on the Epilogue to Freestyle over sombre Guitar keys, letting the world know why they do what they do, as well as shouting out Supporters thereby bringing the Musical experience to an end

Two Other Solo Tracks Rebirth By MC Skill, and Worst Comes To Worst By Magic Man serve as deserts in the form of Bonus tracks, and I have to give it to both of them for executing this.As a Rap head, I Found It Engaging, and I feel like if you’re a Hip-Hop Head that was Influenced Heavily by the late 80’s and early 90’s underground sound in America, you would like this. The unrepentant 90’s Hip-Hop aficionado MC Skill Has improved a lot over his previous offerings, though he still has room to improve, his confidence is up, His energy is up, and His Rhyme scheme is Improving while Magic man made a good presentation of himself as an MC that needs to be Familiarized with or better yet watched, and he also asserted that he can hold his own down anywhere, anyhow and anytime. the project may unidentified ( X ) , but the purpose of its creation is definitely not.

 Production:- 7.9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7.6 /10

Composition:- 7.6/10

Favourite Verse:-  Self Creation Verse 2

 Best Production:- Hip-Hop 

Best Instrumental:- Self Creation 

Shock Value:- When I Realised MC Skill Actually has 3 Mixtapes out there, Putting In Work, Impressive For An Underground MC.

 Final Score:- 7.5 /10


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