Critical Breakdown:- Mavin Records – Solar Plexus [ Album Review ]


Words by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

Critical Album Breakdown: – Mavin All Stars – Solar Plexus [Album Review]

Artistes: – Don Jazzy, D’Prince, Wande Coal, Dr Sid and Tiwa Savage

Label: – Mavin Records

Guest Appearances: – NIL

Production Credits: – Don Jazzy


Everyone and His Mother knows exactly what transpired between Don Jazzy and his erstwhile Partner/Associate D’banj, and as we all know the outcome of the Brouhaha on Both sides, and Don Jazzys side is the newly launched Mavin (Pronounced May-Vin) Records, which houses all former Mo-Hits records Artistes except K-Switch and D’Banj , as well as Rave of the moment and Pop sensation Tiwa Savage. Following the unveiling of the newly commissioned record company on Twitter on the 7th of May, Don Jazzy announced that an Album Compilation a la “Mo Hits CV” titled Solar Plexus was set to drop the next day.

And drop it did as promised, a 13 Tracker, entirely produced by Don Jazzy. The Album begins with an Intro, which has an automated Robotic Female voice whom I suspect to be Tiwa Savage, and they take time out to explain what Mavin means, and a countdown to the activation of the action (Musical) sequence. The first track “I’m A Mavin” starts off with a Southern Influenced instrumental, and Features everybody, It continues in the pattern of Declaration, and seemed to be saying “You can’t stop us”. First Lady of the Mavin Empire Tiwa Savage comes Solo on the next track “O Ma Ga”, A Tastefully produced track, which is geared towards the clubs, but Tiwa didn’t match the production with Below par lyrics (For a Grammy Award Nominee, (Citation Needed) rhyming “Swagger” with “Lamba” and “Ginger” doesn’t cut it) and doesn’t seem to have fully mastered how to ride a Don Jazzy beat, however, the catchy Hook would definitely make this some fans favorite on the album.

The next track, the Dr Sid Helmed YOLO Doesn’t do much to add to the power of the album, as it fails on all standards. The production is below Par and sounds like a Hybrid of The Galala and Konto Sound popularized in the Early 90’s by acts like Father U-Turn and could pass for the worst beat of his career, and Dr Sid just expands the acronym popularized by Drake and Rick Ross to create a song which would play all over in your head if you listen repeatedly, but is easily the worst track on the album. Wande Coal comes to the rescue on “See Me Ri”, which is a street track geared towards detractors and naysayers whom he likened to Mosquitoes trying to infect him with Malaria. It was laced with a staccato of drums and synths, and He assaulted the instrumental with his rapid delivery style and a solid hook to go while firing shots at a certain “Egbon whom he would continue to surprise”[Ahem!].

Omoba (That’s what I prefer calling him) comes in on arguably one of the biggest Pop tracks of the album, with a catchy hook “Take Banana till you go yo”, and The song is Adrenaline fuelled and is sure to get a lot of clubs popping. The Electro/Pop Influenced CPR By Dr Sid comes next, and has the certified Medical Practitioner (I wont trust him for a prescription though) going back to his medical roots and cleverly likening Cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a Kiss Of Life. This really rescues him from a lot of pressure to create on the album, on a song that is aimed towards international audiences, and sounds like something David Guetta would feature FloRida on is an acceptable effort. Wande Coal who shined throughout the whole album comes on another Solo Effort “Forever”, which I say has the best production, and Lyrics on the album, and has Wande displaying the Vocal prowess that he was originally loved for. I particularly love this song, because I am a sucker for Don Jazzy Vocals, and he backed up Wande on the Bridge and together create one of the best cuts on the LP. Omoba returns with the vulgar “Why You Over There”, which is the closest thing to a Hip-Hop Sound on the Album but don’t get it twisted, you are not hearing any punch lines from him. The track, which is dedicated to, the Female Backside, is filled with expletives, and would definitely make NBC Cringe, but it would serve as another Fan favourite, and could possibly be the height of Omoba’s Jonzing yet.

My favourite Dr Sid track on the album comes next “Chocolate” which is a celebration of Dark Skinned Guys, and displayed Dr Sid whom the fans know and love (Ba Mi Jo, Over The Moon). It is a well-created pop tune, which would definitely serve as another fan favourite, and would easily find its way into the playlists of the Horde of Female fans which Dr Sid has been revelling in lately.” Pretty Girls” by Wande Coal is his final offering on the album, but is nothing spectacular, though the hook is catchy, his vocals are alright, the production is another lack-lustre Don Jazzy creation, but serves the purpose of entertainment which He has always been known for.

The Album Ends on another High Note, with Omoba going in on the Traditional cut “Amarachi” which I would bet is going to be the Most played song off this album (Remember “Igwe”?).The track follows in a pattern which I would like to call “Sped Up High Life”, and Omoba maintained a stellar performance on this, and by now you cant help but appreciate his ability to create catchy Pop tracks, and his confidence on his elder brothers instrumentals.

 Let’s get this clear, D’banj is a superstar, and his departure from any Team would be noticed, but The Mavin Crew is an Infant. It is a child of circumstance, and it created its first offering in the midst of a Battle, Media Frenzy, and Great expectations, However, Don Jazzy did not disappoint, However, This is not his best effort either, BUT it deserves some commendation, taking into consideration the atmosphere under which it was created. Take it or leave it, Tiwa Savage is still an upcoming act, and the weakest link in the crew, but hey you can’t blame her, she is in the midst of 5-10-year-old Vets, and her mastery (Which she is yet to perfect) of Don Jazzy Production is essential for smooth sailing on the Mavin Ship.

Omoba has evolved into a Full-Fledged Pop Star, and a hitmaker that can hold his own, Dr Sid also showed that he has staying power, and can replicate the success of his previous album. Wande Coal’s Contribution is the Most on this album after Don Jazzy, and although traces of Fatigue can be spotted in him, he also showed that he is a Worldwide Superstar that can hold down an Empire as a Flagship act.

Don Jazzy, on the other hand, deserves a lot of credit for putting bullshit behind him, and settling down to work, because music is something that needs a clear mind state to be created, but having come up with this “Solar Plexus” in 3 days (Citation Needed), he is still in control and is definitely a Mavin.

Mo-Hits Records was an entertainment outfit, and The Intro of this album says one thing “Prepare to be entertained”, That is the same direction Mavin Records is moving in and when you finish listening to this album, you would realize one thing “They are on the same course”.

Production:-  7/10

Collective Lyrics:- It’s a Club Record , no one listens to lyrics in the club

Composition:- 5/10

Favourite Verse:- NIL

Best Production:- Forever By Wande Coal

Favourite Instrumental:- Why You Over There By D’Prince

Shock Value:- Tiwa Savage Signed To Mavin Records.

Overall:- 6.8 / 10

Track Picks 

Forever By Wande Coal

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See Me Ri By Wande Coal

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Why You Over There By Omoba

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Chocolate By Dr Sid

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