Critical Breakdown:- Lindsey Abudei – Brown

Critical Breakdown:- Lindsey Abudei – Brown [ EP Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Lindsey Abudei - Brown [ EP Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Brown [Extended Play]

Artiste: – Lindsey Abudei

Record Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances: – Ese Peters, And Eve Urrah

Production Credits: – Atta Lenell [Entirely]

Since Lindsey Sang Backup Vocals on Jehovah off M.I’s Debut Album Talk about It, her life took a drastic turn for the better. The Project Fame West Africa Alumni who is one of the brightest Soul Singers out of Nigeria at the moment has continued trudging the Murky path to Stardom in the Music Industry. Having worked with Artistes like Jesse Jagz, Ruby, Djinee and M.I Lindsey has maintained her direction, Sound and Conviction as was evident in her three singles which she put out Drift Away (Produced by Jesse Jagz), The 90’s Song (produced by IBK) and a Cover of ‘Jailer’ (Original by Asa) and accompanied by Atta Lenell. She has pushed Her Sound (which is at the moment not so profitable in Nigeria) from a Level of doubts, experiments and self searching for over 3 years she has worked and the result is the 11 Track Extended Play Project which is set to cement her Position as Nigerias Home based (Asa is based in France last time I checked) Premier Female Soul Diva

Her guitar Skills and Vocal prowess are on Display on the first song Taxi, a love song, which is a tale of a Woman who wakes up in the Morning, and cannot wait to see her man, a well laid out tale complimented by gentle guitar strings and smooth drums that suit the storyline. One of the two guest appearances on the Project Eve performs a conceptual duet on the next track Man to Woman. The title of this song confused me when I hadn’t heard it, (I Thought it was about Sex) and I was pleasantly surprised with the role-playing and concept on this one which perfectly synched with the first track ( This track is a first of its kind in Nigeria, you need to listen to grasp it ).Perfection is a Myth, that’s the message Lindsey is sending on the next track Don’t look at me that way, Lindsey is not afraid to admit her weaknesses on the beautiful ballad, channeling her Humanity to produce an outstanding piece. An even more tailored Duet comes next with Ese Peters on “Believe”, a 5 Minute heart to heart by a Couple going through the verge of a breakup, but determined to work things out, The Chemistry between both Artistes on this Track is unbelievable. The Letter continues the listening experience on the project, a Message to an Ex where Lindsey finally lets go and you can hear the Pain on this song over Finger snaps and a continuous Hypnotic Vocal Backdrop. A more Uptempo song also about relationships When You Drive Me Mad interweaves well with the  Track before. This one is for a present flame which she celebrates as “The Sweetest When You Don’t Drive Me Mad” .Its OK To Dream and Fantasize, but don’t get caught up in Fantasy Land, another poignant Message delivered on the engaging Out the Magazine which lets me enjoy her Guitar prowess and Vocal power while absorbing the Message everyone needs to hear on this track.

At this point, what is left of the Project are Two previously released singles and Two Covers Fela Kutis Palaver gets an acoustic spin, while Asa’s Jailer is also performed with maybe just as much passion as Asa did in a different key, these songs tell me She’s Daring, because they are both Classics and her Covers show she had that fact in Mind while recording. Drift Away ( a Scorned Lovers Lamentation ) and The 90’s Song ( A Nostalgic Song suited to take you down memory lane if you were born in the late 80′s ) are her two previously released singles, and as I type this, I anticipate a Video for the Latter, as I feel that’s the song that I appreciate and relate to the most as someone that spent the 90’s as growing up.

 This is one of the best Soul projects I’ve heard in Nigeria, Lindsey Sings about Love like every other R&B/Soul Artiste, but what differentiates her from them is how she writes her own songs. Her critical ( at least to the Music ) thought process is made manifest on  the songs; She’s a bold Poet, an intelligent Story teller and not afraid to appear neither vulnerable nor Human. This EP Reflects almost all prevalent facets in relationships, and the Brown EP Has solidified Lindsey in my mind as a robust Soul Diva whose revolution would be televised…. In Brown.

Lindsey – The ’90s Song

The 90′s Song

Production:- 9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 9 /10

Composition:- 9/10

Favourite Verse:-  Dont Look At Me That Way Verse 2

Best Production:- The Letter 

Best Instrumental:- The 90′s Song 

Shock Value:- I Almost forgot how Good Eve Urrahs Voice Was, Man To Woman Reminded Me

 Final Score:- 9 /10


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