Critical Breakdown:- Kahli Abdu – Band Of Rebels

Critical Breakdown:- Kahli Abdu – Band Of Rebels [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Band Of Rebels

Artiste: – Kahli Abdu

Record Label:-Republiq Records

Guest Appearances: – Poe, X.O Senavoe, Lindsey, Geniuz, Young Black, And Ruby

 Production Credits: – Maytrickz, X.O Senavoe, Charlie X, Krutty Ranks, Jesse Jagz, Chopstix, Mister Seth, Sean Stan, Drumma, M.I Abaga And Butta,

Plateau State is the home of some of the Most talented, Diverse, Distinct and Eclectic Hip-Hop acts to ever emerge from Nigeria, real followers of Hip-Hop know that the State has Groomed and Spawned different kinds of Rap Artistes like Mister Baron, El Dee XL, M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Grip Boiz, Ice Prince and Most recently Kahli Abdu who is well affiliated with the last three aforementioned names.He dropped his below the radar Mixtape Grind Theory ( 2006 ) wheh he first met Kid Konnect ( who produced some songs on it ) in the United States; After a brief Hiatus He then Burst into the scene with  nationally in 2010 as a featured guest on the M.I 2 Online Bonus Track No One Curse where he put up a noteworthy guest appearance. After that Kahli embarked on the Rebel Friday series that saw him drop a track every Friday before he eventually dropped his well received Project, The Critically acclaimed Ministry Of Corruption ( 2011 ) Mixtape .He then dropped an EP With Kid Konnect last year The Bandits. His latest work Band of Rebels dropped very late last year, and I present to you its Critical Breakdown.

Requiem To Battle is the first of 15 Tracks on the Project and is exactly what the song says it is, a self-produced Call to arms, a song for Battle that starts off with a short Provoking Piece of spoken word poetry performed by Samir Leo Harmim (who designed the Album Cover of the Mixtape ) before Kahli proceeded to spit deft bars over a smooth production that Samples the Flash Gordon Official Movie Soundtrack. The Kid Konnect Produced on the Way is track 2, which bears another familiar sample of the Lijadu Sisters from Orere Elejigbo (which by the way had been previously flipped by Teckzilla to Produce “Brand New Masquerade” for Mister Rae) Kahli went hard on this spitting “Too Deep Yeah / Foes Can’t Compete Yeah / so Tan I’m deeper than Oil Fields In Libya / I’m the one they waiting on, The Hip-Hop James Bond / An Old School version Of Raekwon”. An Ode to doggedness and perseverance Survivor is next; this one features Soul Singer Lindsey on the hook, bars like  “We survived though the Industry don’t recognize us / Label Us Pious / the Radio is Biased / Fake ones rising, the Lyricists Demise”  give you an insight into the Chip on Kahlis Shoulders and how he feels about the Rap Game, however the Hook does really good to tell you that he’s never giving up. On The Next track Vampires Kahli Vents about Fake Friends, and Crooked / Unfair Policemen, those are topics most humans can relate to, Kahli weaves through the Kicks and snares effortlessly on this one and showed his Skill as regards Storytelling and Tackling life issues which his Second Mixtape had already proven to avid heads, Another Conscious track Tears, performed over the instrumental of Spiritual Healing By 2 Face Idibia is a dark haunting cry to God for help , dedicated to the Victims of the DANA Air crash and Boko Haram Bombings, “Our Nations Falling Apart, Our leaders failed us” he blurts out in a tone bound to pierce the hearts of most listeners. Previously released single Stuck With You features X.O Senavoe and Poe of SDC , its three different bachelors talking about relationship Problems , Opposite sex Battles and Man to woman Issues. I Connected with X.O’s verse on this one quite well. Fellow Republiq Records labelmates Young Black and Genuizz ride shotgun with Kahli on the high powered Don’t Push Me; a Posse cut where all MC’s display their Razor sharp skills which they are confident cannot be contested by anyone in the Rap game. Most guys have a past relationship that Haunts them, or maybe a bitter Ex Girlfriend, Kahli is not left out, as those and more are the themes on W.T.F a heartfelt rendition where he isn’t afraid to admit how he feels about the said protagonist. Raw, Unadulterated Hip-Hop are the terms I would use to describe Outta My life, the next song which continues the mixtape to the Flamboyant Luxury Rap ,his  own way of Flossing on a Record. Not one to dwell on Past Love Fails, Kahli Speaks on a new found love on the Jesse Jagz produced So Incredible, A Love song dedicated to his new found heartthrob and sealed with adlibs and a beautiful hook from Songstress Ruby. The Mediocrity, Mimicry and Marginalization  in the Nigerian Music Industry is one thing that Irks many People, and Khali channels that Anger on Morphine probably his metaphoric drug of choice that takes his pain away and makes him numb to the rigorous tortures of the Rap game.   The Letter to M.I Little Brother, A Kanye West remake which made rounds last year online , and was also added to the Bandits EP is the next track on the mixtape that ushers us to the previously released Birthday song Happy Birthday. The Mixtape culminates on Until We Die, The M.I Abaga Produced Track, which was tailor fitted with haunting piano keys that puts Kahli in his full element , he shouts out Eedris Abdulkareem, Fela Kuti, Ras Kimono, M.I , 2 Face, and Sound Sultan, he goes on to spit Will we ever find who did what Saro Wiwa Did ? / I doubt it in a bid to strike the spirit of revolution and end the Mixtape on the Note of its own theme, suffice to say he did just that.

Kahli made history in my eyes with the Packaging of this Mixtape, Credit to Republiq records for the digital Booklet and full producer credits which makes the listening experience beautiful for people like me (Download it and see for yourselves) . The beats are on point, and the production is stellar, though there are some shortcomings with the Mixing when listened to acutely, it doesn’t affect the Mixtape considerably at all.. Kahli stuck to the script and kept his themed mixtape refreshing all the way. This is one of the best Mixtapes you’ll hear this year though it came out last year. I enjoyed listening to it, I cannot wait for the day when the Band of Rebels would fully take over

Viva Revolution!

Production:- 8.9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 9 /10

Composition:-  10/10

Favourite Verse:-  Little Brotther Verse 2

 Best Production:- Vampires  

Best Instrumental:- Until We Die  

Shock Value:- Im Surprised at how Good Kahli is with his Production, Pretty decent for a Rapper..

 Final Score:- 9.2  /10

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