Critical Breakdown:- Illbliss & XYZ – Position Of Power

Critical Breakdown:- Illbliss & XYZ – Position Of Power [ EP Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Illbliss & XYZ - Position Of Power [ EP Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Position Of Power [Extended Play]

Artiste: – Ill Bliss and XYZ of Str8buttah

Record Label:- Goretti Company Incorporated/ Capital Hill Music/ Str8buttah Productions

Guest Appearances: – The Suspect, RQB aka Oshodi of Str8buttah and Muna

Production Credits: – XYZ [Entirely]

Critical Album Breakdown

Ill Bliss is an Inspiration to many Hip-Hop acts in Nigeria,because he comes from an Era where to a Rapper or an Artiste Generally was not a welcome development in Nigeria,and he made it out of the first generation to this Era where he is also a towering figure as a Rapper, Artiste Manager,Mentor and Business Executive.He started off in Coal Citys Finest in Enugu with Obiwon before he moved to Lagos and formed The Thorobreds with Obiwon, B-Elect, Elajoe, Amaka And MGB.Though the Posse never dropped an Album as a collective, however they impacted Nigerian Hip-Hop with different underground singles, and were at one point signed to Storm records before the group disbanded, and everyone went his separate way, Elajoe is best known for his Appearance on Stylee,with Jimmy Jatt,Modenine and Tuface, Obiwon dropped an Album and started making Gospel Music, Amaka faded to the background after different collaborations with Modenine BUT Bliss continued pushing, and formed a Record Label with his Elder brother which they call Goretti company and that was the beginning of Blisses second Life in the Hip-Hop industry.

He released his first Album Dat Ibo Boy to much fanfare and acclaim, in 2011 he began working on his Sophomore Album after teaming up with Clarence Peters as the official CEO Of Capital Hill which right now has Artistes like Chidinma Ekile, Tha Suspect, Phyno and Tesh Carter under the outfit, Bliss began crafting The Oga Boss Album which dropped last year, but before he dropped that, he teamed up with XYZ Of Str8buttah to drop an EP Position Of Power that he referred to as his Warm up for the True Rap Heads before his Album drops.

The 7-Track Extended Play compilation dropped 2 weeks before the Album, I guess is a compilation of tracks which didn’t make the Project as well as Freemixes of previous singles directed towards his Core Fan Base of Real Hip-Hop Heads and Tailored to suit that direction. Ruler which sounds every inch a hip-Hop single starts the Tape off and Bliss wastes no time in telling you exactly what he is delivering deft bars with his Unorthordox delivery. This Track would get Heads bobbing in no time.”Lord Knows I’m An MC To the Letter” he spits over haunting piano keys by XYZ.

Ruler Internet Video

Anamachikwanu Remix is track 2, this one is a track that was dropped as the lead single to the Album, and beauty Queen Muna dropped a forgettable 9 bars towards the end of the track which in my opinion had no significance as I expected this track to have a more star studded remix or nothing at all. if you listen to Bliss well, you would have known by now that the state of the Nigerian Music industry disgusts him, and that was exactly what he channeled on the next track “Deep Down” “Deep down you know we not friends / cuz life is filled with corners and bends/ today you nothing, tomorrow you a star / Echi di Ime Ka’mu Gwa kwa Gi ( Tomorrow is pregnant let me tell you )” he went on chronicling his rise, struggle and hustle in the game up until the present, and ended the song by rebuking an upcoming DJ In the industry stating “You dey try wash your Papa”. Upcoming Rappers and Artistes get the stick too on 2Hands which featured RQB Of Str8buttah on the Hook chanting “My guy anytime you see me, Make you dey shake me with two hands”, Bliss went Ham on this one, declaring himself the “Rap Supreme Pontiff” effortlessly bragging and putting little Boys in their place, this song in my opinion encapsulated the Man Bliss.The Mixtape ends on a High note with my Favorite track “Asiko [Time]” which features Tha Suspect on the Hook. Ill Bliss goes reflective on this one, and talks about the pressure on his shoulders as an Artiste and an Executive spiting “Dear God, I thank you for your blessings / but this Music Business got me stressed out / I never mix with the Ass Kissing, never Politicking, Frankly Speaking” and that’s my top song on the project, Production, Theme, Delivery and concept wise.Suspect murdered the Hook,and got me thinking exactly how splendid all his Hooks have been,Hes an unsung Hook-Master.

Whether you call him Ill Bliss, Illuminati Bliss, Illbliss Abrahamovic or Illy Traficante, you know what he is all about, especially if you know the Last 3 Aliases which I mentioned. This EP Is for the Heads who stood by Illbliss right from the Coal Citys Finest days, and Those who thought he may have lost it.XYZ Of Str8buttah is at the top of his Production game at the moment,and that is evident by the production quality and beats on this tape.This Project is nothing but Real Rap and It accomplished just what it was meant to do, Satisfy his core fans.There is no doubt in my mind that right now Bliss is in a Position of Power and indeed an Oga, A Boss.

Production:- 9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 9/10

Favourite Verse:- Asiko Verse 2

Best Production:- Asiko

Best Instrumental:- Ruler

Shock Value:- None

 Final Score:- 8.6/10


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Critical Breakdown:- Illbliss & XYZ - Position Of Power [ EP Review ]