Critical Breakdown:- Dola Billz – The Rapstar EP [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  The Rapstar EP [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: –  Dola Billz

Record Label:-  166 Family records

 Guest Appearances: –  Dapo Tuburna, Hakym The Dream, Aina More, Beenie, Dresans And Ceefigz

 Production Credits:- Shanefineese  Music, Benniez Music, Dr Jazz, Eminick, Triple O Productions And Bayoz Muzik

 Release Date:- March 29 2013

UK Based Rapper Dola Billz is also the founder of 166 Family, an independent record company which he has run since 2008.This platform enabled him to release nominal singles like Puyanga that featured close affiliate Tillaman, Jeun Lo and Sing 4 Me.He released his first Project The takeover Mixtape in 2011,however Doubling as a CEO And Artiste is never easy, and the Hustle took a toll on Dola who had to put his career on temporary hold to move to Nigeria last year for promotion and  also to push Artistes on his label, most notably Big Tizzy ( who has been making some noise lately ).Having made a few moves, he decided to put out another body of work to keep his fans up to date, and also galvanize the musical terrain for a Dola Billz/166 Family takeover, hence the Rapstar EP.

The Mixtape begins with I Need A Dollar , a song that samples a song of the same name originally performed by Aloe Blac, Dola rides over the beat talking about how his drive for money motivates his Hustle, with a slick mixture of pidgin and Yoruba Language, The song is a good opener for the and serves as an appetizer of what’s to come. Next is the Bennie Produced and Featured Sitting On Top , on this one Dola Once again describes his stance as a Hustler, and lives up to his name with tales of Flossing, Stacking Money and Buying Expensive stuff. The Hook was well fitted by Bennie to add more flavour to Dola Billz Flossing Tales. Previously released single Touch It Features Hakym The Dream , and is laced with a Euro-Pop influenced instrumental that samples Vocals from Busta Rhymes song of the same name, It’s a good song for the clubs, and is sure to get spins if well promoted. Dola Continues the Project with another uptempo club track Slow Whine that features Dapo Tuburna on the Hook, this one was performed entirely in Yoruba By Billz, and he utilized the beat well, and also showcased his Yoruba Rap style. It’s another good single that a lot of his fans would appreciate. At this point, I am convinced that Dola Billz is all about Money, Flossing, Brags, Boasts and Swag as was showcased on the next track Rack City; I felt the beat has been overflogged and is also outdated; the song has no replay value to me. The next track Mimo Features Dresans , the instrumental is influenced by a sound I call “The Ajegunle Bounce” I like this one ,It’s a song that could be grooved to in the club, And the hook by Dre is quite catchy.

Dola Billz & Crew – StackamillionTV The Come Up Freestyle Sessions – Afrobeat Edition

Dola Billz and 166 Family Freestyle 

Wantaramera is a song that I would describe as “Being all over the place”. It sounds like a Neo-Fuji song on the Hook, no Rapping is done on this and its short, however the instrumental is danceable, Once again I wouldn’t replay this song but during a house party I could sneak it into the Mix. Eni Le Fit is my best track on the tape, and the Most Hip-Hop song on it. The song was produced by Bayos Muzik, and samples Late Yoruba Rapper Da Grin, on this one Dola Raps his head off, but once more centers the song on being better than other Rappers and bragging, It’s also a tad too short, I felt it should have been longer as my best track on the Tape. Bad Pass is a poor remake of Naeto C’s hit track Tony Montana ( bad pass ) , even a verse from one of my Favourite Female Rappers Aina More who was a guest on it  didn’t do enough to make me like the song, It sounds rushed,  should Dola have used the original instrumental, as well as mixed it better the song would have been more palatable to me.Ayaya Freestyle comes next, I like this one, It’s a song where he basically displays his skills on the mic for 60 seconds. Take it no more is another solid single that comes next, Finally Dola Tackles a different topic, Love. It’s a well crafted Radio single, I also like the hook by Ceefigz, it’s a good track that would definitely get airplay, and it also has international appeal. No Gocking is also another good single on the Tape; the instrumental is influenced by Funky House Music, Dola rhymes effortlessly in Yoruba on it, making it into a good single for the clubs. The curtains fall on Rolling with the Rapper; this one is another single with an uptempo dancehall instrumental that ends the Tape on a good note.

Dola Billz is a good Artiste, and has proven that he can make Hit Tracks, The EP Also makes for a good listen, but I can tell you its not his best work, I also like his art of sampling , but sometimes remaking instrumentals could be tricky as it may not go down well with fans of the original Track, and may draw unwarranted comparisons as was the case on some tracks on this EP, but all in all he has his style, that is evident on this Tape for everyone to see, He can Rap, but there are a lot more topics a Rapper can address as opposed to just Bragging on and on, Is the Tape good ? Yes,will I be listening to the Tape in 2 years, No, ( That’s An old school  Rap Head Talking, If You Like Club Rap, You Would Definitely Be Playing It In 3 Years )  That sums of the Review. He has more to offer, but also more work to do.

Production:- 7/10

Collective Lyrics:- 5.8/10

Composition:- 6/10

Favourite Verse:- 

 Best Production:- Eni Le Fit produced By Bayoz Music 

 Best Instrumental:- Slow Whine Produced By Dr Jazz

 Shock Value:- None

 Final Score:- 6.2/10