Critical Breakdown:- DJ Buzzle – Project Naija, Music For Change

Critical Breakdown:- DJ Buzzle – Project Naija, Music For Change [ Album Review ]


Words by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

ARTISTE: – DJ Buzzle

ALBUM: – Project Naija, Music for Change Album

RECORD LABEL: – Proved Records Worldwide

DISTRIBUTED BY: – Proved records/entertainment and [Online]

PRODUCERS: – Micworx, Rayconex, Rhymzo, Laylow, Tony Ross, Afrotunes, Mr O and Cyclo flo.

GUEST APPEARANCES: – Nyore , Five Mics , Buckwylla , Ludu , Jae Baz, Konga, Monemsis, Big Splash , Squeeze , I-Scream , Terry Tha Rapman , D.A , Ejimai , B’Robby , Rhymzo , Anogiri , Yung Hanz, XO Senavoe, Beazy, Pasha , Cyrus Tha Vyrus , Mo Fame , Femcee cyclone , Rayconex ,Nero , Jae Baz , Cynthia Morgan , X-Pect , Cyco-Flo, Lidukush , Seven , Wellie-J, Jay Pep , Brown Family , Tony Ross , Erigga New money , Slim Jeezy , Monemsis , Gabby , Yesi , Afrotunes , AK 48 ,Osagz , Dare , Stonned ,Ill Boy ,Ruckus , Soul Brotha, Mr O ,Iceberg Slim , RealEyez  and Mul3ple

Since the Beginning of Time in Hip-Hop a DJ, has always been a pivotal arm of the culture, whose contributions to Hip-Hop cannot be undermined, and the Job of a DJ used to be quite specific (Play Music) however, as time went on the DJ Started making Mix CD’s, Compilations and full Length studio albums, to further propagate the art , and in Nigeria DJ Jimmy Jatt set the pace when he released the First full length Album by any Nigerian DJ ( The Definition ) and since then Djs Like DJ Vinnie and Dj Neptunes have also dropped / Worked on a DJ album Projects , and the format is pretty much simple , Get artistes to record songs then put it together and release it  Now Enter DJ Buzzle, an independent DJ Based in the United states of America, but hails from Benin City as the FIRST DJ in Nigeria, to release a conceptual album and the concept behind the Project Naija Music for Changewas Basically to Talk to the Government and advocate for change in Nigeria.DJ Buzzle decided to Gather together a coalition of upcoming Nigerian artistes based in Nigeria and beyond to come together and represent for the Motherland as well as advocate for change, and I must say, he carried out a hatchet job .

The album starts off with a shoutout to the Nigerian DJs by DJ Buzzle , and the Hit Single “Together” by Nyore and Five Mics  comes Next , over  a Ragga Sounding instrumental by Micworx, and both of them deliver impeccably on the song , advocating for unity. The Monster Single “Selecta” produced by Laylow that can damage any club any day is next, and Konga went off on this song in a way he has never done before, giving the song a fiery street Dancehall tune, with a very huge African Appeal. Big Splash delivers a powerful message on the next track I Luv Naija spitting “Friends on Blackberry, Enemies in Real life / Lord said No Fighting but we still fight” and each MC on the track delivers very Tight, over a sharp instrumental by Ray-X and a High Pitched Hook by Diva Ice Cream. Terry Tha Rapman steals the show on the next track Fly Naija, where he snaps on the opening verse with lines like “Is it just me or like Tuface na only me? / wey dey notice Naija buzz lately like Honey bee / God Bless our “Contory”  (Country)/ But our people are “hongory” (Hungry)/if you ask me how far ? I say check after Do,Re,mi “And though all the MCs { D.A and Ejimai } did their best , they didn’t match Terrys impeccable flow and bars.There is No boring moment on this album, as the message , sound and ambience continues on the Street Smash “Stop Break Unu Head” with Rhymzo and Anogiri , which is an appeal to Nigerians to stop the Fighting , Violence and Bloodshed, and Though I wasn’t captivated by Anogiri when I first heard him { Oyimbo follow me go } I was totally blown away by his performance on this song right here. Yung Hanz spits some thought provoking Bars like “People spending Money but the Money No fit reach you / Its ‘cus of the unequal distribution of the issue / The one reason why I refused to buy me a pistol / Cuz if I did , I woulda,Coulda,Shoulda robbed a Rich Dude / Politicians Throwing Money around / Leaders of Tomorrow ,na him dey sell Gala for town “, on the track “Say What I want to” and X.O Senavoe and Beazy come through on the track and let their inner feelings out over a Banging Micworx instrumental and a well executed hook by Pasha { One of my Favourite Reggae Sensations at the moment } .”Our Hustle is Peace” is a bold statement which goes on to declare that we the masses are going to keep fighting and Hustling for peace, and Cynthia Morgan delivers an enchanting and hypnotic Hook, representing for her Motherland, and all the artistes {Jae Baz , Xpect and Nero } represent to the fullest  on the joint as well. Honestly the Album cant get any Better, and that is evident with the“Naija Go Stand” Track, that Had Cyclo Flo spazzing with lines like “Abi Na rigging? abi Na NEPA ? / Dem dey Big In {begin} and we dey Lekpa / These Leaders dem dey rob Really bold / Showing us the way ha ha through which road / E clear say this Naija don Cast / Even on Independence Day shebi dem bomb blast?? Sorry dem blast bomb”, Other artistes on the song Lidukush came correct, and Squeeze who is another fast rising superstar, sang a hook that sounded like something Sound Sultan would write and delivered it similar to the Naija ninjas general. “Letter to My government” is another touching tune, that has MCs Seven and Willie J reading our Riot Acts to the Nigerian Government as well as passing a very positive message across .Jay Pepp and the Brown Family bless the next joint with a very nice Rhythmic piece, and wonderful harmony on the next cut “Think Talk”which is most definitely another solid effort. .One of my Favourite upcoming MC’s in Nigeria Erigga New Money , murks the next joint which features Tony Ross and Slim Jeezy and sends a warning “Boys no dey Happy / Dem Don bone lappy / so any rich man pikin loose guard na kidnapping“ , and Tony Ross holds the instrumental down well.”Which Way” is another track that is very applicable to the elections currently going on in Nigeria, and Ray-X goes Prophetic Spitting Bars like “Mr Jega I do Hope you have a dope plan? / cuz you can’t bring change right from where you stand / I don’t wanna run from guns and shootouts when im voting / It aint much to ask but im not just hoping” , Gabby Compliments the song with a top-Notch hook,and current underground Bengazi sensation Monemsis dropped a sharp verse as well, to make the song a solid one. “Revolution” which features Yesi,Afrotunes and AK48 happens to be one of the best songs on the album , which is bound to leave all listeners spell bound as Yesi fires it  up with a Rapid machine gun flow and leaves you breathless at the end of his verse as well as letting us recognize why he’s one of the next up MC’s in Nigeria.AK48 (Whom I  am hearing for the first time ) goes deep into the track spitting “Doctors go strike  , People in ICU go  dey die / Why government no dey pay to keep them there ? Chai! / but we get Money to spend on stupid anniversaries / when teachers’ pay is low and dem no dey collect salary / when man dey suffer along with dem wife and families / and you go wan complain when boys dey do yahoo and cannabis” thereby touching sensitive nerves and delivering a standout verse on the whole album. Another Stellar cut comes next and this happens to be the only song where an MC takes all three verses, and Osagz delivers his best joint yet on the track “Why” and he goes reflective on the joint dropping jewels and asking questions like “why can’t cobhams see? / And why a man like me not under Dangotes Family Tree? / why Abila Gotta Drink that tea ? And tell my why Pastor Bimbo had to go on that Trip?” The track stands out on the album, and is sure to have you running it back.Ruckus and Soulbrotha go in on Give Me Light , and this one is an appeal to the government to give us steady power supply  and reiterating that we still shine in the midst of the darkness regardless.Naija go better is another track laced with a lullabic (my term ) hook and blessed with a solid verses from Iceberg Slim , Realeyez and Mr O solidify the joint is another masterpiece on this album , though not well mixed, it still makes a very solid listen and Still keeps Iceberg Slim on the Hip-Hop  radar . Bonus Tracks from Mul3ple and Eldee , as well as a Groove Remix of “Stop Break Unu Head are the tracks that complete this 21 track revolutionary piece , and also shows why DJ Buzzle is one of the Most prolific DJs in Nigeria at the moment

Yes some DJs have released Albums, but none of them has done what DJ Buzzle has done , and that is make a full album about the state of the Nation , as well as open the door for a lot of underground, upcoming and Green-Horn artistes and producers to speak out ,and this album is definitely going to go down in history and posterity shall definitely judge DJ Buzzle and all the people that put work into this LP for years to come.

Beats /Production – 4/5

Lyrics: – 4.5/5

Originality: – 5/5

Fazillion scores this album :- 4.2/5

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