Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus – The Infiltration Mixtape

Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus – The Infiltration Mixtape [ Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus - The Infiltration Mixtape [ Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Infiltration

Artiste: – Cyrus Tha Virus

Record Label:- Arrow Gang

Guest Appearances: – Modenine, M.I Abaga, Boogey, Kanebi, Monemsis, Tony Ross, Terry Tha Rapman, D Truce, Pherowshuz, Big T, AQ, Godwon, M Trill, Lord Vino, Butafly, Barzini, Zoey Blaq, Feedback, N6, Ms Chief, J Berg, Blaq Bonez, Da Suspect, Kraft, Big Faz, Five Mics, Osagz, Bigg Splash, Zara Gretti, Tracey, Femcee Cyclone, Seyyidat, and Olly

 Production Credits: – Rayconex, Tony Ross, Kraft, Kid Konnect and the Sugar King

Release Date: – 10 February 2013

Benin City Veteran Cyrus Tha Virus dropped his 3rd project , The 24 Track Infiltration, After The Infection ( 2008 ) , And Rebellion ( 2010 ) he put ever abundant energy together to create a Project which was worked on by 40 Artistes ( Including himself and the producers ) and released independently on his Arrow Gang Records Imprint

The Project which is divided into two sections Hard and Soft begins with words from two Hip-Hop Authorities Modenine and MI who both shout Cyrus out, and talk about him, Modenine Called the Mixtape a Classic, While M.I Called Cyrus A True Legend, thereby setting the stage for Cyrus to launch the Musical Experience. Squad Up is the first song, which has a Military backdrop, laced with wolf howls (they reoccur at different intervals throughout the Mixtape) and a Jay Z Adlib, Cyrus is in his full element chanting Squad Up! On the hook Whilst running you through reasons why he still goes strong in the Rap Game, the mixing is below par a bit on this one, but doesn’t hinder the message from being passed across By Cyrus.The Sugarking produced Boom Bap Termination features Kanebi. An intense track where Cyrus switches his Style and spits with enough energy that could supply electricity to the entire Lagos State, while Kanebi makes a good impression of himself as a Lyricist that can hold his own. Next Is Plethora, a thumping Boom Bap Hip-Hop track where Cyrus styles effortlessly over his own Vocal Samples on the Hook, Guest rapper Monemsis also goes in on this one, reminding people that forgot how good he is that he is still very much around. Hasta La Vista Flow features Boogey who started the track off and ripped through with his outlandish style, elaborate lyrics and picturesque bars that would leave any chronic Rap head gasping for more, while Cyrus came in with his Gruff tone, he didn’t spare fellow Rapper Sauce Kid spitting I’ve seen a Jungle, I Don’t give A Fuck If You Sinzu (Seen Zoo).Shakara On Point furthers Cyrus Anger at the Rap game, riding with Tony Ross ( who actually impressed me with his verse ) Cyrus goes at Fake Rappers “Fuck All You Rap Heads In Particular / Superstar, You dey buy Followers” and Fake Friends“When Money No dey, No Friends / A yo, Na Their Way O,/ Bone Them, Do your thing just dey go” , it’s another good song that would be appreciated by quite a number of Rap Heads. Terry Tha Rapman, Ill Bliss And Pherowshuz all deliver Vocal drops for the Mixtape , reiterating what was said by M.I And Modenine on the intro before the Mixtape continues with Igbo a colloquial parlance for Marijuana which starts off with a sample of Bolanle By junior and Pretty before the track itself is performed over the instrumental of Holla By Busta Rhymes. This song is notable in many ways, first Cyrus rapped totally in Pidgin English, and his verse was actually a hilarious narrative about a guy that ate food laced with weed, before D-Truce comes in to compliment the song brilliantly. I never heard of a Rapper in Nigeria talking about eating Marijuana on a Record before, I found this interesting and innovative on Cyrus and D-Truce Part.  Tha Suspect provides some comic Relief on another skit with Kraft and Big Faz, the listening experience continues on the Sombre reflective It Wasn’t Given To Me on which he runs through his struggles in the Game, spitting 10 years ago I watched Modenine Blow / 10 years after I watched MI Blow / E come be like say everybody here Rap pass me / left right and centre na so Fans just dey Harass me / Make I Yarn Hip-Hop World Awards / I Put My Heart into it like Oh My Word / I Still wonder how Wande Coal Won That Plaque / Let’s just say for me God had other plans. He went on to spit “While most of Y’all got high on Juice and Gin / I Never Ran To Lagos, I Built Benin / And I hear all these small boys wey dey run their Mouth / and That guy From Warri claiming King of the South / No let me catch you for corner / Obtain your G Shocks and Skinny Jeans …you can hear his passion and pain on this one, he remains the  calmest  you may ever catch him on a Rap record , while dishing out a piece of his Mind to everyone whom he feels he has to address. Just like its predecessor, One Mile is also emotional and heartfelt, performed over the instrumental of I Tried By Bone Thugs And Akon, he spits feverishly 18, when my best friend got killed / I was there when the Coloured Men got him / I Was There when the 5 Slugs Pierced Him / And I Had to Wrap his Dead Body up in a Bed Sheet / Muthafuckas wanna Ask me Why I’m So Mad / When I Suffered Setbacks, Oh they So Glad / he’s A Funny Dude, They don’t know that I’m So Sad / Never had a Father Figure, Was My Own Dad. This is one of my Favourite songs on this Project, because his feeling resonates with every bar he spits.Osagz, Five Mics, Bigg Splash and M Trill all come together on the Last piece of the hard part of the Mixtape ,the Skit corresponded with all the aforementioned Skits on the project. The Soft part of the Mixtape begins with a Skit by 5 Female Entertainers, OAPS and Media Personalities who lauded Cyrus as an Artiste, and hyped the mixtape a bit before Yosi Lele comes on ,The Traditional Etighi influenced track that has Cyrus singing for the love of his life, a good Track that some ladies would like, I particularly like the Ethnic Vibe this one has. Ur Way continues the traditional feel of the Mixtape, another track tailored for the ladies, on this one Cyrus glorifies the female anatomy and lists everything that keeps him coming back to the love of his life. R.I.O.T Is also tailored for the Clubs , though I didn’t really like the Generic “Go Down” chants which 80% of Nigerian Pop Artistes have used before, I like this track as a Pop track that can get Radio spins and rock a club when in the Mix. Key To My heart sounds every inch like a Stalker anthem ( lol ) but is suited to be a girls Favourite, continuing the Soft Ambience of this section of the Mixtape.So Yoyo ( Skerere ) is also pop influenced, Once more we have the generic lines like “Sodi E” and “Komole” as well as “Give it to me” , then again, nobody produces Club songs for Lyrical Satisfaction, and this one adds to the list of Cyrus Virus songs that can get a Party Popping. Dat Shobolo should have been left out of the Mixtape in my opinion, I Didn’t enjoy this one, it didn’t sound co-ordinated to me, it was all over the place. At this point, the “Tony Tony Ross” Adlibs may be a bit too much for some,  Attitude Girl is an up-tempo track, also glorifying the Female Body, created to Rock the clubs. This one comes next and sounds original, and well composed, I like it  and would definitely rock to it after a few bottles of 33 Lager Beer. I Also don’t vibe with the last track Gbedu High which felt like a Mixtape filler, I Feel the song would have been better if it wasn’t performed over the instrumental of Sweet dreams by Beyonce, A Song which I don’t like that much as well.

The pinnacles of this Mixtape for me are Swat and Bloodhounds 1Swat and Bloodhounds 2 and Swat and Bloodhounds 3, arguably the longest Posse Track series in the history of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music (Tha Suspects I No Send You Is A Strong Contender). All three songs saw a total of 16 Rappers (excluding Cyrus) and I Hear there is Swat and Bloodhounds 4 Coming, It’s a good sign for the Underground Nigerian Hip-Hop, that upcoming Rappers can get together with veterans in the community and make tracks.I have to say Godwon had my best Delivery, Attitude and style as well as One liners and Punch lines amongst all 17 of them, notwithstanding everyone held their own on both SAB1,2 and 3.

40 people got together to make this Mixtape a reality,I Think Cyrus has the Record for most featured Guests on a Mixtape by One Artiste ( Not Producers Or Deejays ) in Nigeria with Infiltration, I Feel like Cyrus Tha Virus is the kind of MC that either you like him or you don’t, no sitting on the fence, and As far as I am concerned, this is Cyrus best project till date ( We know That because he’s the Only Artiste whom ALL his projects have been reviewed on this site ) . It has something 9 at least One ) for everyone that enjoys Urban Nigerian Music, Core rap Heads, Average Rap Heads, Party Poppers and the likes. It falters a little bit in the Production department (Mastering and Mixing Mostly), sometimes lyrically and some songs I felt should have been left out made he cut, however that doesn’t deter the Mixtapes Artistry, theme and point to be conveyed successfully, though It might not be a Classic like Modenine said on the Intro, it’s not far off,  the infiltration of the Nigerian Rap Game has officially begun

Production:- 7.5 /10

Collective Lyrics:- 7.6/10

Composition:- 8/10

Favourite Verse:-  Godwon On Swat and Bloodhounds

 Best Production:- Hasta Lavista Flow

Best Instrumental:- Shakara On Point

Shock Value:-  all of a Sudden 40 Artistes don’t sound so much again

 Final Score:- 7.7  /10


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Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus - The Infiltration Mixtape [ Review ]