Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus – Rebellion

Critical Breakdown:- Cyrus Tha Virus – Rebellion [ Album Review ]


Words by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred


ARTISTE: – Cyrus Tha Virus

ALBUM: – Rebellion

RECORD LABEL: – Bengazi Boyz Music And Ozzy Records

DISTRIBUTED BY: – [ Online ]

PRODUCERS: – Rayconex , Tony Ross , Ratty Bone

GUEST APPEARANCES: – Gabby , Locci , Squeeze , Mo Fame , DJ Buzzle , Cyclone , and Ray X

A Lot Of People that Started Following Nigerian Hip-Hop In the Early AIT and MBI Days [99-00] Should Be Conversant with Cyrus. Cyrus changed the face of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music videos when his underground single “Destroyers anthem” dropped. The Video featured Cyrus Performing in His Grimy Gruff Voice, without his Shirt on, running around with a Sledge Hammer, Rocking Doo-Rags and American Prison Orange Jumpsuit, instantly A Hip-Hop Superstar Was Born and Benin City aka Bengazi Was put on the Map of Nigerian Hip-Hop. After Different Challenges and Struggles, Cyrus Defeated the Odds to Drop , His Debut Album, The infection [2007 Hex Records], Which Was Released Independently To Critical Acclaim in Bengazi , but Didn’t Fare Well nationally.Cyrus Went Ahead to Be Nominated for Next Rated Act in the 2008 Hip-Hop World Awards but Lost the Award to Wande Coal . He also partook in the First Edition of The MTV Base Advance Warning Contest which Durella Won, and He is famed as the First Hip-Hop Act from Gazi to Perform at the Felaberation in The New Afrikka Shrine.

Enough Said, Fast Forward to 2010, and Cyrus dropped his Sophomore Album, Which is already being made available on the streets of Nigeria Currently. Although Cyrus Sticks to His Usual Formula Of Banging Beats and Hard-core Lyrics, He Clearly Shows Musical Maturity, and Intense Song writing Ability. Cyrus Also Remains His usual Fearless self by sticking to Relatively Unknown Guest Acts and Producers. Cyrus Sets off the Tone for his Album with the “Rebellion Rising” Where he displays his Lyrical Mastery with 60 Bars of Hard-core Lines, Multies and Metaphors, Telling Rappers how Deadly He is “I’m Modenine, MI and Ruggedman in one”. The Beat as well is Banging, and Cyrus rides it properly. The Ray-X Produced Street Banger “Bengazi Anthem” Comes in Next, and the album maintains its up-tempo Ambience, Over a hard Sounding Kick , Cyrus Goes off with His Trademark Gruff Delivery , and Also Sings on the Joint Which Works well and the Hook is very well Orchestrated and Executed. The Album Sound Switches and Newcomer Gabby comes Through to Assist, on the Club-Banger “You Wicked” , and Crafts A Proper Banger , that is Definitely Going to be a DJs Delight, and Gabby Provided Classic Vocal Support to Consolidate the Club Legitimacy of the joint. The Album continues on that Party Vibe, With Tony Ross Dropping a Beat Riddled with Congas and Strings, and Had Tha Virus dropping his usual Chants, Rapping in Pidgin English and Comes off Correct As Usual. Next Joint “Earth Quaker” Has Cyrus Catering for his Female Audience , and Drops an Ode to The Female Hustler , Apparently An Earthquaker is An Independent Lady , and Tha Virus Calls out a Few Earthquakers ranging from Omotola Jalade to Kel .Locci whom some Pundits Refer to as the “Nigerian Bruno Mars” Lends His voice on the Hook of the next joint “Busy Body” , Which Cyrus Dedicates to The Love of His Life ,and when it comes to The Lost Art of Love-Rap , Cyrus Holds it down Properly in that department , and Drops another Melodic Joint that Lovers are definitely going to be spinning for a while. Cyrus Had Been Singing right from his first Album , so the Next Joint “Taiye”, A Duet with Squeeze, Shows Cyrus Displaying His Much Improved Vocal Skills , And Sings Throughout the Entire Joint , Which Was more or less a continuation of the Feminine Appeal Which Cyrus Has always possessed, and Cyrus Subtly Berates A Chic that Messed around with his feelings. “Balance and Rotate” is Classic Cyrus, Another Club Banger, Which is More or less Cyrus Telling you his stance on the streets and wherever he goes. Cyrus is In Love, and it’s Obvious, as the Album goes on the Romantic Route with “Head Over Heels”which is Another Joint for his Love. “Galore” Is Another Club Joint , and At this Point , The Album Begins to Sound Monotonous , As he Repeated the Same Rhymes off “You Wicked” and the Joint Doesn’t Match the First by Any Means. Cyrus Switches Suddenly on the “I Am” Joint which comes Next alongside the Destroyers Remix , Both Produced by Ray-X , and Cyrus Styles all over the joint with a Bevy of Punchlines , Metaphors , Multies and Double Aggressive Delivery which Actually Holds the Album up for the heads , and lyrically Cyrus is Insane , With Lines like “You Pregnant / Period ! / Won’t Show Up” , “Rap Sheik / My Styles Will Make Jada [ Pinkett ] Kiss My Ass” , and he also Takes some shots at Vector “It’s Easy Like Vector Jocking Jay-Z” , As well as Declaring Himself “Best Nigerian Rapper Alive”.Cyrus Sobers Up On “Still Standing” Which He Goes Soft and Reaches out to some Cupboard Skeletons .”Selemse” and“Selemse [ Jazz Mix ] are aso Cuts Where Cyrus Sings and Comes Off Correctly { Is there an R&B Album in the Works ?? } The Joints are Geared Towards the Mature Audience and the Introduction of The Jazz Mix , Makes it my Personal Favourite on the Album.Naija Sprit is A Bonus Cut which is Also Featured on Dj Buzzles Project Naija Music For Change Album [ Buy Here ], and It Features Mo Fame , Cyclone and Ray-X and They All Represent , And Cyclone Goes Extra Hard [ “Representing For My Nigerian Country / Different Branches Of Dialects Springing up from one Tree / 50 Years Of Imperfection But We Still Here / The Masses Still Pushed Around Like they in Wheelchairs” ], and Shows Why Shes a Lyrically Viable Femcee in the Nigerian Hip-Hop Game.Cyrus Closes the Album on A Comic Note With“Boil The Banga” , and It’s Another Ladies Joint , But he Approached it from A Comic Perspective , with A Usual Bouncy Beat , I think Big Splash Produced this one.

All in All Rebellion is A Solid Offering, That Had Cyrus sticking to his lane, musically, and artistically. He also Exhibited Boldness, Upgraded his Vocal Prowess and Made music that appeals to his community, Well Rounded and Professionally Packaged,as the album is currently generating waves in Bengazi , Low Points on the Album include Not So Good arrangement , and Too Many Party Cuts , but All in All this Album is Feel Good , Reminiscent of Bigger and Deffer by LL Cool J ..Cyrus Cannot Be disregarded lyrically, though he sometimes drops lines like “I Rock More Louis Than Farrakhan”, Hes Lyrical, Hes an MC, and He Dropped one of the Best Rap Albums in Nigeria in 2010.

Beats :- 4 / 5

Lyrics :- 3.5/5

Originality :- 5 / 5

The Watcher Scores this Album :- 3.8 / 5

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