Critical Breakdown:- Chuckie – Price 2 Pay Mixtape [ Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:-  Price 2 Pay

Artiste: – Chuckie

Record Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances: – Alaye, Tha Creamie, Green, Vernom-C, Trick, And Tuburna

 Production Credits:- Quebeat And Traisey

 Release Date:- March 10 2013

 Critical Breakdown

I Never heard of Chuckie till he made his debut on Nigeriansounds with two songs Chew Gum Girls And On the Low Key Remix Featuring Alaye, I Immediately took notice of his Voice and was particularly impressed by the Latter song. Chuckie thereafter, appeared singing the hooks on a few songs by some upcoming Artistes, Songs like She Dance Well By HuzzlePop Bottles By Brave And Go Down By J’Brym are examples of those, they all helped in making sure his Vocal quality/Hook Singing Capabilities were confirmed to me, The next question on my mind was, can he maintain consistency and break into the big league. That is a question that time would reveal, but in the meantime, we have an opportunity to understand the Man, His Music, Sound and Direction a little with the Release of his Price to Pay Mixtape.

The Mixtape begins with an Intro that has Chuckie crooning over sombre piano keys about how he started from humble beginnings, he also implied that he had paid his price, now its time to get paid, ,From Junction to Junction, they know me / I be hustling around with my homies / e no easy yeahhhh / And that’s the price that I pay / My Nigga no be today / my sweat don join with my cry / A young man must survive.he sings away, showing his vocal qualities and giving his fans an insight into his life at the same time.

He continues his Vocal conquest on Tonight, an upbeat Electro/House/Techno song, despite using one of the most utilized lines in Nigerian Pop Music ( Wanting/Long Thing/ Strong Thing ) on the Hook, It’s another club banger that you would definitely move to in the club after a drink or two, next he jumps on Chris Browns Don’t Judge Me Instrumental on Till You Gone, A song where he begs his girl not to go, It’s a well written and delivered song that a lot of girls would appreciate, his vocal control on the song is also commendable. Kid Inks Lowkey Poppin Instrumental Gets the Mixtape treatment on the next Track Lasgidi Hustle dedicated to Lagos Hustlers, Chuckie keeps to the Hook and allows upcoming Rapper Vernom-C, Green And Tha Creamie to shine, all the Rappers gave accounts of their lives as young men trying to get paid in Lagos, It’s a Good song for lovers of Rap, and an avenue for Chuck to tell his fans what he does on the streets of Lagos ( Chase Money ).I Think the Skit that comes next is Unnecessary, A Recording of his Voicemail messages, that did nothing but disrupt my listening experience.

I Don’t exactly know the kinds of Women Chuckie refers to as Chew Gum Girls, but the song comes next, and is another catchy Pop song, Though he states he loves chewing Gum girls, I just couldn’t get my head around it ( after listening t it countless times ), The Mixtape steps up a notch on Favourite Lady featuring Trick and Tuburna, I Really like this one, the two Rappers gave a good account of themselves, and Chuckie totally killed this one, I think it’s a good single if well pushed, would definitely move him up to another level, Its good to know Chuckie is also a Producer, and he Co-Produced the next song On A Lowkey remix with Alaye, I Feel this is the Biggest song on the Mixtape, It’s a Catchy song, that initially got my ears from Chuckie, Even though Alaye isn’t an A-List Rapper, he totally made added more Flavour to this song with his Cockney flow.

Whatever you do people would still talk, that’s the message Chuckie was trying to pass across on Fi Won le ( let them talk ) the only song that wasn’t produced by Quebeat on this Mixtape, I Love this one, Its another song I Feel would get some good spins on the Radio if pushed well. A Lot of Men are still searching for that special Woman, and Chuckie happens to fall under that category, or so he says on What You Gat Where are youuu / Im searching for Youuu he sings over another up-tempo pop beat, It’s also another song I like, It makes for a good listen, and you can also dance to it. Chuckie rounds up the Mixtape on The Outro with a Vote of Thanks, and also a sober reflection moment where he says he works hard, and hes always in the studio looking for his next hit, while he shouts out everyone who has supported him so far in his career, and ends everything on a Grateful note.

Chuckie can sing and has hitmaking capabilities, those are the two things I derived from listening to this Mixtape, If you like Nigerian Pop Music, Download his Mixtape, and you would like at least a song on it. He’s someone that I have firmly on my Radar because he has shown he can make songs, and most importantly he can sing hooks and kill them, which means he has a bright future. The production on this Mixtape is very much on point, and apart from the interpolated beats on the Tape, he may have well sold it as an Album.I know I’ve not heard the best from Chuckie yet, and as long as he has paid his Price, I Guess he cant be stopped.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 7.9/10

Composition:- 8.5/10

Favourite Verse:-  Alaye On Lowkey Remix 

 Best Production:- Fi Won Le By Traisey 

Best Instrumental:- Favourite Lady 

Shock Value:-  None

 Final Score:- 8.1/10