Critical Breakdown:- Butafly – Soar Higher And Evolve

Critical Breakdown:- Butafly – Soar Higher And Evolve [ EP Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Butafly - Soar Higher And Evolve [ EP Review ]

Artiste:- Butafly
Album:- Soar High And Evolve S.H.E [ Extended Play ]
Record Label:- Independent
Distributed By:- Soundcloud
Guest Appearances:- NIL
Producers:- Interpolated Beats
Release Date:- February 15 2016

Critical Breakdown

Female rapper Butafly stamped her authority in the rap game when she released her nominal hit song Gidi Gurl in 2014 which propelled her into the sub-conscious of the avid hip-hop faithful and set her off as a pretty decent rapper with the required talent and skills to make it in the game. Subsequently she delivered her first body of work, a 21 track mixtape titled Butafly Rap Trap [ BRT ], an impressive project which was largely overlooked but set a new record for the most tracks on a mixtape by a female rapper. After a 2 year hiatus, she announced her sophomore project, an EP titled Soar Higher And Evolve which was primarily comprised of covers of different instrumentals and was released a day after Valentines day.
She gets straight to business on the first track Flawless, a remake of Beyonces single of the same name a braggadocios rap song on which she didn’t miss a beat and even gave a shout out to literary icon Chimamanda Adichie who was featured on the original version with a soul stirring piece of poetry on the importance of Feminism. The next song Alright is a politically charged song that centered around crooked cops and had her remarking”We don’t trust the po po” whilst offering a glimmer of hope to everyone facing hardships with promises of a better tomorrow. It’s a good concept that was not executed as precisely as it ought to have, the poor mix didn’t help it’s cause either. Next comes Jersey, another song that could have been better but with sub-par lines like “No vex ( Nyovest ) like Cassper” and “I aint even work for NASA, but I got my own space“, nobody would be blamed for not giving the song multiple replays. Next she delivers a cover of Mama I Made It which was originally performed by South African rapper Cassper Nyovest ( whom she shouted out on the last song ), It’s a song that follows the original theme and pattern but does not connect with me as the final mix let her down once again and failed to evoke any sort of euphoric emotion. She finally finds some sort of form on Queen Elizabeth, a cover of M.I Abagas 2014 comeback single King James on which she made extra effort to enunciate her words acutely with a slow laid back flow which she used to immortalize herself as the Queen of all rappers , utilizing a barrage of cocky and nonchalant bars. The last song Runnin’ Thru Gidi is perhaps the most concise and impressive song on the EP as she samples Drake and recounted the travails of a single young girl trying to pursue her dreams in Lagos City whilst fighting off predators, temptations and horny gate keepers. The song has a trap vibe to it and brings the project to a logical close.

Butafly is good, and S.H.E represents a window into her current mind state and musical disposition however, the project does not pack a punch neither is it better than her debut mixtape. She sounded restricted and in a hurry to deliver the bars without any consideration for the final collective output. The project also lacks any real cohesion and is more of a collection of covers ( a short mixtape ) rather than an extended play. The good point nonetheless is that Butafly braved the odds in the current climate of todays rap game to deliver the first body of work from a female rapper in 2016, and considering the fact she did it independently without any label push, she deserves the world of commendation and a is glowing example that other artistes in similar predicaments can draw inspiration from.

Beats/Production:- _/10
Lyrics:- 5/10
Composition/Arrangement:- 5/10
Best Verse:- Flawless verse 2 
Standout Track:- Queen Elizabeth
Overall Rating:- 5/10

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