Critical Breakdown:- Boogey:- Art-Ificial Intelligence

Critical Breakdown:- Boogey:- Art-Ificial Intelligence [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewer:- Damilola Layode


ARTISTE:-  Boogey

LABEL:- Independent

GUEST APPEARANCES:- Ray X, Griot, Mo Fame, Damilola, Jane Sam, Dj Klem.

PRODUCTION CREDITS:- Rayconex ( Ray X ), Michael Excel, Mistah Moe, Raz, RockItPro (beat forum), Dj Klem.


Since winning the 6th edition of Underground, Boogey the biologist turned rapper, has grown from ‘little known’ to featuring on some of the most prominent projects in the music industry’s hip hop sector. 2012 will go down as a great year for the upcoming act as he was featured on projects like MI’s Illegal Music 2, Mode Nine’s Occupy the Throne and Terry tha Rapman’s World Domination amongst others. What better way to cap a good year than to drop his own project? On that note, I present to you Boogey’s Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a project that contains 16 tracks and a bonus. From the beginning, one can almost feel it that this is a different offering as Boogey spits some near abstract lines on Fifth Horseman (Enter the Mixtape). Next up is Arrogance with a Royce da 5’9 sample which features Ray X who also produced the track. Aptly titled, the track sees both emcees trying to out-rhyme each other but Boogey easily comes tops with bars like ‘hotter than chilli but I’m Chilly(of TLC) cause I am still the coolest’. This is followed by I Killed EM (Rigor Mortis) which is a cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Riga Mortis” produced by Willie D. The track ends with a conversation from Matrix 1 between Morpheos and Neo. As We Begin which was produced by Michael Excel is next. The track features Griot from the Bengazi Movement and Mo Fame. It contains a sample from Asa, which suited the vocals aptly.

On Judge Me which features Damilola, he starts to open up to the listeners by giving surface insights on his situation and the choice to ply the music route. He spits reflective lines like: “What would have happened if my mum didn’t raise me better, I’ll hit the streets and raise berretta just to raise some cheddar/ what would have happened if my family was balling rich and didn’t lose all of it, papa would be playing politics/ I would have drowned in that money, I would have squandered it but being close to poverty pushed me to get that scholarship”. This is followed by I’m Wack which was produced by Mistah Moe. This track is one of my favorites because it addresses issues bordering on mediocrity including twitter and how they affect the music industry. It takes a considerable degree of creativity to make cats look at themselves in the mirror and realize what side of the divide they belong in without controversy. Boogey does this with a healthy measure of humor to help people the track concern swallow the reprimand. Boogey reveals the Mac in him when he jumps on a beat by Raz for the track You and You where he gives vivid accounts of his exploits with the ladies.

What better track to spit some conscious ish than Listen the instrumental of Talib Kweli’s track of the same name which was produced by Kwame K1 as he spits: “The kids emulating what they see on television/ Ain’t nobody missing reality even when it’s missing/ the youth runaway from truth to convenience/ industry try to give my booth to comedians”. Finally Boogey comes to the party with messages as he hints on his uniqueness on the track Ain’t from Around Here, the beat of which was downloaded for free from Rockit Pro. The message on this one is succinct, he is different. In the same vein, addresses the subject of society’s double standards on M2E the instrumental of which is that from Jay and ‘ye’s Murder to excellence. He then returns to showing off his mic skills on Power with bars like “losing is the greatest sin that I must avoid/ I’mma beat them all ain’t ever ever gonna join” on the instrumental of Snap’s 1990 hit single of the same name. On Picasso which features Jane Sam, Boogey defends his art by spitting what in my opinion, is his most conscious verse on the project. He spits: “yea I missed em but I hit a better target that they said that is hardest/ to hide the reason that it’s unreachable by the best of artistes/…/ Chasing fame and fortune is such a compelling rap but when a niggar be selling out they say he selling-out” He then goes in on the instrumental of Kanye’s Champion showing some def delivery

Beautiful Mind which features and was produced by Dj Klem is next up and it reflects the musical side to this emcee (beautiful hustler music by my reckoning) as Klem and Boogey teamed up to make a dope track for days. Ten Times Removed contains the instrumental of XV’s Smallville which was produced by J.Cole. Boogey continues his truth on this one. On Art-ificial (Shutdown) he reverts to the showing off his versatility. He rounds up the project with a ‘freemix’ of Davido’s Dami Duro.

Artificial Intelligence is actually a project that only intelligent minds can comprehend. Credits should be given to Boogey for being himself and not trying to project an image that is not, as he relayed some of his life’s story whilst saving the rest for his album like he said. Depth is not a problem as his bars were a reflection of an avid reader of different subjects. The lyrics and delivery is neither a problem. If there’s anything, he should work more on the message of his music as this is very important in Hip Hop today because the culture has gone beyond the years of just clever wordplay and punch lines. In all, this is a beautiful offering that makes for a profound first impression. I’m sure real listeners are looking forward to his next project, hopefully an album.

Production:- 8/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 7/10

Favorite Verse:- BOOGEY on PICASSO

Best Production:- Dj Klem on BEAUTIFUL MIND

 Best Instrumental:- CHAMPION

 Shock Value:- The energy on this project, which is awesome from start to finish. A factor that’s not common with mixtape rookies.

Overall:- 7.5/10

P.S:- We havent posted any mixtapes in a Month,because we are upgrading the website to make your Mixtape experience better,but not to worry, you will see ArtiFicial Intelligence here once we are done.