Critical Breakdown:- BOJ – BOJ On the Microphone EP

Critical Breakdown:- BOJ – BOJ On the Microphone EP [ Review ]


 Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- BOJ On The Microphone

Artiste: – BOJ Of DRB Lasgidi

Record Label:-   LSG Entertainment

 Guest Appearances: –  Lynxxx, Lola Rae, Efya, Teezee, Poe Of Show Dem Camp, Tec Of Show Dem Camp, Fresh L And Ajebutter 22

Production Credits:- ODH, Studio Magic, BankyonDBeatz, And CEO

 Release Date:- April 22nd  2013

Critical Breakdown


London based Trio DRB Lasgidi’s Astronomical rise in the Music Industry  via one of the most prominent social Networks in the world Tumblr might appear sudden and surprising to a few people, but critical watchers of Nigerian Artistes in Diaspora have For two years had their eyes on the trio of Fresh L, BOJ And Teezee and also knew that it was just a matter of time before everyone would catch up and eventually appreciate their music.Their highly slept on 7 Track EP Which they dropped in January 2012 was the beginning of their success and spanned the smash hit Gra Gra performed by BOJ,Subsequently, they kept on dropping random songs which increased their Fanbase and heightened the DRB Frenzy,but it wasn’t until their lead singer Bolaji aka BOJ appeared on the Hook of the Hit Track Omo Pastor By Ajebutter 22 that everybody started asking, “Who is that Rough looking guy with Dark John Lennon Shades that sings so well”, His smooth Vocals complimented Ajebutter singsongy ( Sic ) Rap style to produce one of the most talked about and played songs at the moment. Before that songs like Tom Ford Flow Featuring Afro FlacoLXIX, and Amebo had already been constant staples for DRB’s rapidly expanding fanbase. BOJ ( like Teezee and Fresh L ) continued to drop solo songs like Cruella BOTM And My Name Featuring Lynxxx, He was also recently  featured on Feel Alright by Show Dem Camp, but that was after he dropped his Mixtape BOJ On The Microphone which is about to be dissected that everyone started touting him as Nigerias Next Big Pop Star in the Vein of Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid.

EGO FIX TV: BOJ (@BolajiDRB) : B.O.T.M (acoustic)

The ODH Produced Intro BOJ On The Mic opens up the 10 Track offering and has Him crooning “Time is coming, I know that it is nearer / The Future is Bright O, I know cuz it is clearer” , The Production on this song has a Live instrumentation ambiance, and gives him the opportunity to introduce his Fans into his world with a Catchy Hook , and a lovely melody, before signing off by declaring “2013 is our year”.Next Track Comes  the previously released single Ginger Featuring Lola Rae , a beautiful duet , while BOJ Held his own down as a Man trying to Woo a Woman, Lola Rae also made a Noteworthy appearance , doing Justice to the Track , together They created an uptempo song that’s suitable for Radio Play , Club Rotation, and definitely deserves a Video ( in my opinion ).Another Duet that features Ghanaian Songstress Efya Comes next, titled Wait For Me, Its another love song, where both of the Artistes sang from First person Perspective “Girl I come from Lagos and I know you come from Ghana / Telling You Ekabo and Youre telling me Akwaaba” BOJ Sings away , Efya adds some more West African spice to the song singing in English and Twi thereby solidifying the Cross Over appeal of the song, not to forget the Afro-Influenced ODH Instrumental that deserves an Honorable mention. Lynxxx ( whom I hear is a Family relative to BOJ ) assists on the next Track My Name , where they both revel in the Largess that their new found celebrity status has afforded them, as well as describe  how Girls flock around them just because of their names, Its an Uptempo Song that has Lynxxx switching styles, and Rapping Faster than he normally would, whlist Rapping with a London Urban Lingo,which I feel would add More appeal to the song, and win BOJ Some more Fans in the United Kingdom.Blow Features Teezee His Bandmate as well as Poe And Tec of Show Dem Camp, Its another top song where BOJ Declares DRB Is about to Blow, and Poe, Tec and Teezee gave the song a Hip-Hop Edge with Verses that would definitely be appreciated by Rap Heads.

EGO FIX TV: BOJ (BolajiDRB) : CRUELLA (acoustic freestyle)

The Original Gra Gra is a song I Felt was a Standout Track on their 7-Track EP, But BOJ Managed to Top the original with no guest appearance on Gra Gra Remix, where he sings smoothly over a slowed down instrumental to create a song that I’m sure is going to be the Girls Favourite on this Tape.Next Song Mrs Officer is more or less a DRB Song, as Teezee and Fresh L came along with BOJ For the ride , while they subtly sing about Role-Playing and getting arrested by Female Cops, Its a Jolly song which sounded like they had fun making. One of My Favourite DRB Songs/Videos of all time Shakara gets a Freestyle Treatment by BOJ, he goes Solo on the Instrumental displaying another side of the song with a different Harmony, which I really appreciated, Its a song that’s going to be appreciated by different age brackets and would definitely get some dancing going when it comes on in the Club.BOJ Utters what I would call the “Playboy Mantra” on the next song Cruella with ”She Said Its her Birthday Today, And I Didnt Know” , he continues, singing about a Certain “Cruella” whom he begs not to leave him , but also threatens to leave her singing “If you are not careful, I will leave you on your own” Its a song I can tell was formed out of a Personal experience, and BOJ laid it down on wax to taste.The last Track on the Mixtape is the Hit Track By Ajebutter 22 Omo Pastor, which BOJ’s Hook helped to the same degree that the song helped him.

Ajebutter22 – Omo Pastor Ft. Boj [Official Video]

This Mixtape reminds me of a Twitter Spat between Fresh L And Wizkid, which was Borne out of The Fact that Fresh L Said BOJ Is Better Than Wizkid, That got Wiz Vexed, and listening to this Mixtape, in retrospect,I cant help but think Wizkid felt threatened by that Opinion, Hence his reaction, All that is Water under the Bridge now, and Wizkid has already indicated his interest to work with BOJ, Now back to the Review, BOJ Wins on all Fronts with the release of this Project, his effortless singing, choice production, and hitmaking ability make this Mixtape BOTM Our Highest rated Mixtape on Nigeriansounds, with a Perfect Rating, you’re not going to hear a Better Pop Mixtape this year, and this Would definitely go down as the Birth of a New Superstar in the Nigerian Music  Scene, Its BOJ On The Microphoooone O.

SDC – Feel Alright ft Poe & Boj [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Production:- 10/10

Collective Lyrics:- 10/10

Composition: 10/10

Favorite Verse:- Tec On Blow

Best Production:- Gra Gra [ Remix ] Produced By CEO

Best Instrumental:- Shakara Produced By BankyOnDBeatz

Shock Value:- Its like BOJ Jumped out of nowhere, and I’m surprised I Scored this 10

Final Score:- 10/10