Critical Breakdown:- Blaq Bonez – Hip-Hop In Blaq

Critical Breakdown:- Blaq Bonez – Hip-Hop In Blaq [ Mixtape Review ]

Critical Breakdown:- Blaq Bonez - Hip-Hop In Blaq [ Mixtape Review ]

Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- Hip-Hop In Blaq [ Mixtape ]

Artiste: – Blaq Bonez

Record Label:- Independent

Guest Appearances: – Terry Tha Rapman, Pherowshuz, Viruz, Kultcha, Raymond, Tha Suspect, Oga Believe, High M, Slay, Skah, Rap Kultcha, Brown Noise, Mo’Endowed, and 3rd Take

Production Credits: – Uncredited

Blaq Bonez came to my attention about this time last year when he emerged the Winner of a Rap competition called the Zombie Competition that was heralded by Terry Tha Rapman. In The process, Blaq Bonez defeated Upcoming Rappers like Boogey (who was the first runner up), Phildizzle, Von Da Rap Machine and Danni Vembz to clinch the top spot. After that he appeared on various collaborations, and released different Freestyles/Tracks to familiarize himself with the Hip-Hop listening Populace. Most notable Collaboration he appeared on is Swat and Bloodhounds 3 by Cyrus Tha Virus, all these moves created the right atmosphere for him to drop his debut Mixtape HipHop In Blaq which dropped last month.

The Mixtape starts off with Welcome to HHIB Performed over the Instrumental of Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar, This track is an intended teaser to what he has in store for his listeners as they go on into the Mixtape. Something something comes next over the instrumental of Headlines by Drake, the instrumental switches halfway as well as Blaqs Flow, and for the next 3 Minutes he berates All Rappers, and lets us know that nobody is fucking with him whilst declaring himself the Rap Clifford OrjiWe Go Rise, a Previously released single features Terry Tha Rapman and Tha Suspect who executed a Hook which many heads would know too well by now, Despite Blaqs Frantic Efforts to out-rhyme The Veteran with Two Verses, Terry Tha Rapman had the Upper hand on the Ode to street Hustlers. B.L.A.Q comes next, performed over Bad Girls instrumental by M.I.A, The Instrumental was lopped thrice, and though the Track was riddled with “Forced/Weak Punch lines” like I’m the best here ( Hair ) I’m Probably Brazilian and Leave you in Kumuyis Toilet, I’m Talking About Some Deeper Shit, It makes good for a Mixtape filler. The Viruz Featured Burn Them comes next and has Blaq switching to his Bounce flow; this song sounds like a single, and gives me an Idea that Blaq can actually craft Radio singles, not to mention that Viruz executed the Hook to taste. Fire in the Booth is a close to 6 minute Lyrical Frenzy that has Blaq going off nonstop displaying his Skills as regards flow, And Punchlines. This one was tailored for Real Rap heads, and I’m quite sure a Majority would dig it. The song that won him the Competition Zombie is the 7th track on this Mixtape, Blaq spits with so much ferocity on this one, that many would have no choice than to agree with Terry Tha Rapman declaring him the winner . Wack  Song is a Track that has  A Banging instrumental, however it was ruined by the performance on the song, I Don’t see any reason why a song like this should be included to a Project that has the Word “HipHop” in its title. I know it is meant to be a Joke/Parody or some sort of comic relief, but it was executed to Bad Taste in my opinion and should have been left out. Rap Kultcha and Oga Believe are the guests on Stronger, a Cover of Kanye Wests Instrumental of the same name, all three Rappers gave a good account of themselves, while castigating their Haters on the Hook. Blaq goes Reflective on Successful rapping about what he really wants in the Game, his Father that left him when he was Two and his dream of working with Kendrick Lamar someday , A Beautiful Hook by Brown Noise drove the point across even more effectively with one of the top performances on the Mixtape; Mo’Endowed dropped a 4th Verse on this track but I felt it should have been left out, because Blaq already delivered on  the track, furthermore this song is quite personal and didn’t need any guests interrupting the sober reflection. Blaq Bonez says if he’s not the best Nigerian Rapper, he is really close on Shutting It Down, performed over Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples Instrumental, another reflective song where Blaq sounds it loud and clear that he is a Rapper that really wants to make it. Busta Rhymes Respect My Conglomerate Instrumental is ripped apart next with featured guest Tek Raymond who didn’t let Blaq breathe on this one, switching styles up lavishly and displaying a high level of lyrical mastery and rhyme schemes. Once again Blaq gets out rhymed with one Verse by Pherowshuz who was featured on A Star Is Born (you repeated that Gretzky Punchline again Blaq) another good song that has Blaq introducing himself officially as a Hip-Hop Star. He chronicles his life up until this moment on Situation Report, This song would have been better if he stepped down his flow a bit, because some of the lines sound muddled up and inaudible, not one of my favourite sings on the Mixtape at all. It says Lambo Demons Featuring 3rd Take on the Mixtape Sleeve Track-List, however upon Downloading and adding to My I-Tunes, it’s called 3rd take another Posse track which I appreciate, not only because I like Posse Tracks, but because everyone delivered, The Mixtape ends with an Outro Freestyle over Kanye Wests Flashing Lights Instrumental ( I Heard that Jumanji Line for the 3rd time ) and two Bonus tracks The Takeover And E Don Dey Madt ( Sinzu Cover ), The Latter is a good song , as Blaq stuck to the original song Script, and I feel this is one of the Best Covers of this very Sinzu Song.

In conclusion, Blaq Bonez can Rap, BUT He is like Vector, Ice Prince And Phenom when it comes to dropping cheesy, generic and sometimes Wack punchlines (If I List them I Would Take Forever, But Refer To the Quoted Bars Above On B.L.A.Q). I don’t know how old he is, but he sounds young and influenced by New School Rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Maybe Kanye West. He’s Talented, but has many lyrical shortcomings (He Got A Good Flow though). The Mixtape is too tedious and not well composed, the Production is dodgy as well, and the Sound of the Mixtape was not normalized ( Mastered ) . He Sounds every inch like a Rapper with the Drive to make it,and has a whole lot of room for Improvement.When it comes to being close to the best, This Mixtape doesn’t do well to Buttress Blaqs Claims, nonetheless, This Mixtape is about as much as the Hip-Hop In Blaq. Gets.

 Production: 5/10

Collective Lyrics:- 5.5 /10

Composition:-  5/10

Favourite Verse:-  Tek Raymond Respect My Conglomerate

 Best Production:- Burn Dem  

Best Instrumental:- Burn Dem  

Shock Value:- He Beat Boogey In Zombie Competition, Shocking,but if it was Vote Based, I Understand.

 Final Score:- 5.1  /10


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Critical Breakdown:- Blaq Bonez - Hip-Hop In Blaq [ Mixtape Review ]