Critical Breakdown:- Aina More:- It’s A W.R.A.P [ Mixtape Review ]


Reviewed By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

C.A.B:- It’s a W.R.A.P Mixtape

Artiste: – Aina More

Record Label: – Independent

Guest Appearances: – African Boi and Jane

Production Credits: – Chopstix

How Many Nigerian female Rappers have released a mixtape in the History of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music? In fact scratch that, How many have released an Album ? Sasha, Weird MC…I can’t recollect any others at the moment. How many have released a Mixtape ? Just one Eva Alordiah [An EP Though] before I came across Aina More that is .Aina More Full names Aina Morenike is a UK Bred Nigerian Rapper who has put out two Mixtapes (This being the second one), and having returned to Nigeria Last Year to step up to the Mantle of number one Female MC, It’s a W.R.A.P Words, Rhymes and Poetry the 10 track Mixtape was released independently online.

The Mixtape is what she calls a collection of Experiences and starts off on that note on the first track “Spoken Word” where she blurts out “Certain Man ask, Will I Fuck For A Beat / so I Rhyme Acapella, I Couldn’t give a Fuck for the Beat / Cock it back take the Heat, Why they Pressuring me / They tell me what I Can’t do, who I am, Where I’ll be” and I can’t help but think this is what many Female Rappers in Nigeria go through.Aina goes on acapella about her life, and the belief she has in herself and the change we all can make if we believe in ourselves and our kin which ended with applause and Cheers. The Chopstix produced “Sirens” is a Heartfelt track over thumping Samba drums and piano Keys,on which Aina speaks about the state of the nation, The Insecurity in the land, and the illusion of Change which the Masses stick to by way of Religion, it’s a provocative song which is sure to stir up some emotions in some critical listeners. Aina more makes her first Mixtape beat Pick, and it’s the Instrumental of “Everyday Struggle” by The Notorious B.I.G. This one is another conscious track where she speaks on the love of Money which is taking over Mankind, and discrepant Parents who leave their Kids to be raised by the Television, It’s another Hard Hitting song which sends some messages across. Nobody likes Crooked Cops, and Nigeria is filled with them. The next track “Police” was performed over the Instrumental of “No Church in the Wild” and it contains no vocals from Aina More, but different complains of Police Brutality by different Nigerians, it’s another socio-Political commentary on the decadence within the Nigerian Police force.

Aina More – The Sirens (VIDEO #ItsAWrap)

Next Aina schools MC’s on what she is really about on “My Degree” and she declares “There’s a Few Rappers left, and I’m one of them / Looking for a Femcee, I’m representing all of them” Doubting yourself is something that flashes once in a while in the hearts of upcoming Artistes and she isn’t left out, as she declared on the first verse of the next track “This Life” ,and also states Belief in yourself and working Hard is the way out of that Mental dilemma accompanied by Guitar Strings and soothing Backup Vocals by one of the two Artistes featured on the project Jane, the track is another solid cut.”Who You” comes next, and it’s a song where she touches on different subjects and things that define her as a person and an Artiste, her life and her Grind. Why she wants to remain herself and why she always will. She also has a few words for Fakers in the Music industry, Fake/Materialistic Artistes, and Artistes who don’t understand their power and those that misuse it on “A Few Words” after which She then declared “I Do this for all the kids who want their life changed”. A lot of African Men And Women (Especially African-Americans) suffer from identity crisis, and Aina Addresses that on “Nigga To A God” , this is my Favourite song on the Project and features African Boi who spat a verse Reminiscent of a 5 Percent Nation Member Rapping , and this song touches delicate topics like Slave Trade, Black On Black Violence False Religion , and Miseducation of Black people which a lot of African Artistes do not talk about. The song starts and finishes with a Famous Malcolm X Sample which was Tailor-Fitted to drive her point home, and it did just that.

Something for you to move to on the Mixtape ends it, and Aina More jumps on the Instrumental of “Sisi Nene” by Wizkid, and she remade the song as if it were has, thereby showing that she can style on Pop instrumentals as well, and that was good for me to know as I know that’s the kinds of Flavour female MC’s in Nigeria need to move units.

She’s 21 Years old, She can Rap, Shes in touch with her Roots and she’s determined to Blow. Those are the basic qualities any femcee needs to blow in Nigeria. I Hope Aina makes it to the top, because this is a beautiful Project., and she’s the Second Nigerian female Rapper to drop a Mixtape that got my recognition. Its one thing to drop singles, but a Project is an entirely different ball game. Aina More delivered.The topics addressed on this Project are unprecedented as far as Female Rappers are concerned in Nigeria,and her Boldness is noteworthy. Aina is the real deal. Dont Miss out.

Low points for me,are some songs are too short, and A Bit not Mastered,but you’re going to love at least one song on it regardless of your taste in RAP Music

and It’s a Wrap

Production:- 7.9/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 8.5/10

Favorite Verse:- A Few Words ( The Whole Track )

Best Production:- Sirens By Chopstix

Best Instrumental:- Sirens By Chopstix

Shock Value:- The Girl Curses Like A Drunk Pirate

Final Score:- 8.1/10