Critical Breakdown:- A-Q – Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid EP [ Review ]


C.A.B:- Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid  [ Extended Play ]

Artiste: – AQ

Label: – Hustle INC.

Guest Appearances:-Vector, Boogey, Morell, Gilbert, D-Truce, Pryse, Milli Milli, Blaq Bonez, Vivi Da Kid, Base One , Maytronomy And One Other Person

Production Credits: – Beats by Jay (Only Credited Producer)

Reviewed by:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred


If you mention the Name AQ To Ardent followers of Hip-Hop in Nigeria, majority of them would agree with me that he is Controversial. Having dropped his acclaimed Sophomore Album “The Past, The Present And The Future” in 2010, he spent 2011 appearing on different collaborations and preparing his Third effort G.I.L.B.E.R.T Which is Slated to drop this year, and he also went super hard last year by stirring up the polity, First by allowing Vector to diss Reminisce on “Distractions” which he later clarified how that happened HERE, and Also dropping the furious “A Prayer” on which he dissed Pop act Tunde Ednut, as well as Rappers Fecko And Ill Bliss and he also clarified that in an interview HERE. In Typical AQ Fashion, after Dropping 2 Singles off G.I.L.B.E.R.T namely “Coma” With Yemi Alade and “Ijo Yoyo” with YQ , He announced his EP Make Your Best rapper Look Stupid, A 6-Track which he said he intended to use to heat up the Rap Game, as well as increase his own rapping skills so as to live up to the name of the EP.

The Project begins with an Angry AQ Taking shots at a former associate straight off the jump on “Mind Fuck” , and though he didn’t mention any names, you could tell it was someone who had worked closely with Dash before, because he spat lines like“They don’t know who you are / I Gave you a Car , You were trekking the Streets So I made You A Star / Dressed like a wretch , Looking Underfed / Now God Bless the hustle put a Brand on your Shirt / I Gave You A Business, I Made you Invest / Made all your enemies pay you respect / Kept you Fresh to Death like I Laid you to rest, Now you wanna make me regret ?”Over a solid Drum sequence and AQ also introduced his alter ego Gilbert who rapped on the second verse as well as one other guy who rapped on the third. [ AQ Explains that This song is actually AQ on verse 1 Talking to Gilbert His Alter Ego Who responded On verse Two, and The other person rapped verse 3 which is the Trinity.He threw me off on this,but I just listened properly,and i get it.Its a battle with self , and he did fuck with my mind on this one ]

Critical Breakdown:- A-Q - Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid EP [ Review ]

Distractions (the first controversial track on the EP) comes next, and it’s a song produced by beats By Jay and Starts off with a Jay Z Sample, where AQ decries the Rap game, and different things which would try to throw you off course once you’re doing good in the  game. He features Vector on this one, and Vector goes in on his Arch-nemesis Reminisce on the last verse ( Remi responded with some lines keeping the beef alive on his new single N’igboro ). Up and coming MC D-Truce teams up with AQ Alongside Chocolate City first lady Pryse and one of Nigeria’s hardest working underground MC’s Maytronomy on the next track“Never Love You”  and every MC Went hard on this track, except D-Truce who refused to stick to the topic on the song and rather chose to go left. The Beats By Jay Produced “Machine Gun Flow” Had Featured Guest Morell Putting up his best T-Pain impression on the Hook, and AQ Living up to the name of the track with the other featured Guest Boogey (Who’s getting hotter by the day) as both MC’s went in on the Trap Inspired beat with rapid flows and nonstop flex deliveries that is definitely going to have a lot of rap heads hitting rewind and talking for a while. Something Gritty comes next on “True Religion”  with Milli Mill delivering a very good hook over a thumping instrumental and hypnotic sample which has all MC’s telling you exactly what their religion is ,Killing Rappers , and  all the MC’s on the track went in, but AQ Stole the day as he likes to do on songs of this nature.

One of The most controversial track in Nigerian Hip-Hop right now “A Prayer” ends the EP and on this one he lashes out at his detractors , Haters and people he has misunderstandings with, like I mentioned earlier, and that’s the end of AQ’s quest to expose the stupidity in my Favourite Rapper.

The EP Is good, but it sounds rushed ( No Back Cover or producer Credits ) though AQ Had quite some time to put it together, some of the production sounds noisy ( True Religion ) and after listening you would agree with me that AQ is angry. He went at different people, and dropped many subliminal as well as direct lines on damn near every song on this Project, and I’m expecting his Album to clarify some of these beefs and expantiate on some of these situations , Be more direct and spell it out as he normally does if not more MC Skill Tha Preachas are going to emerge and have a go at him . He’s a vibrant MC, definitely one that brings something unique to the Table. BUT Did he make your Favourite Rapper look Stupid on this Project? For me, the answer is NO.

Production:- 7/10

Collective Lyrics:- 8/10

Composition:- 6/10

Favourite Verse:- Machine Gun Flow Verse 2

Best Production:- Mind Fuck

Best Instrumental:- Machine Gun Flow

Shock Value:- I wasn’t Shocked on this one, AQ Did exactly what I expected

Final Score:- 7/10