Critical Album Review:- Yung Hanz – Book Of Hanz

Critical Album Review:- Yung Hanz – Book Of Hanz [ Album Review ]






PRODUCERS: – Rayconex and IceTouch

GUEST APPEARANCES: – K-BAJ , Sesame and Ronnie

Terry Tha Rapman called 2010 the Year of the Under Dog and I must say that with the year drawing to a Historic Close that is exactly what the Nigerian Hip-hop scene has been about in 2010 , The Under Dog . Enter Yung Hanz. A Hip-Hop solider out of Warri, signed to Benin Based Roc-A-Lot Records.

Resilient in Nature, and Daring, after Being Nominated in three categories at the Nigerian Music Video Awards NMVA (For best Mainstream Hip-Hop, Best Hip-Hop, and Best Video for a New artiste) for the Hit single Display, and then entering the game with virtually unknown names and having his entire debut produced by Rayconex, Yung Hanz Displays his Versatility on the album, Singing, Rapping and Doing Ragga all in one album proving he’s a Jack of all Trades Albeit a Master of all. He starts the album off on an introspective note, letting you know that this album is made up of scraps off his rhyme book. He goes into the first joint, on a sober note with Thank God I made it , where he chronicles his rise in the rap game over a Spanish Salsa Tinged Instrumental singing on the hook as well as dropping remarkable Bars.

Yung Hanz Goes off Next on the Smash Hit Freak (Ray X Mix ) , singing all through the Song with Provocative Lyrics and Sexual Connotations while Prodding his Girl to go down on him .The Smash Hit Display Comes next and has Yung Hanz Displaying his Mastery of Hip-Hop with a Very sick Wordplay and that simply proves why the song was nominated for various awards. Yung Hanz Recruits Newcomer K-Baj on the Next Joint , the Club Certified Loke , which is sure to throw any club in a frenzy ,Over a melodic hook by K-BAJ and a bevy of drums and African rhythms. Yung Hanz Shows off the Hustler side of him on the Sesame Assisted Owo where he makes his stance on how he handles his money clear with lines like “Money on my Mind as Far as im still thinking / Hustle on my Grind as far as im still blinking / Diving in the Guap as far as i aint sinking / Your girl on my Dick as Far as im still winking.”The Next Joint Has A Party Feel to it and is Aptly Titled Party Thing, but had Yung Hanz Crooning on the Hook and delivering another Pure club Banger and has him showing off the Ragga side of him with a Staccato of patois rhythms all over the joint, delivered like a pure Jamaican.

Yung Hanz Clearly states the Three things that bring Men down in life on Money Women and Alcohol with his compatriots K-Baj and Sesame , and deliver another Solid Joint for the Hustlers to reflect to. Gbesumonmi is another club Banger that also has Yung Hanz Singing and going straight for the ladies in the club with Raunchy and X-Rated Vibes that are definitely gonna knock the knees of the ladies. On Gboro Oti So ,Yung Hanz Continues on the Club Route with Provocative lyrics and sexual innuendos once more.Yung Hanz Switches the Sound and Mood of the Album with the Southern influenced Money on My Mind , with a Chopped and Screwed Hook and Bars like “ Girls Used to Tell me i was Cute But no Bars / Now they Jumpin on my Dick for Free for no Bars “ and “I hope God forgives Every Body For Prejudice / But if i don’t Make it to Heaven let this Paper be the Price “ .The Original Freak Comes In Next and I must say that this Version would definitely have the deejays hitting replay and the Girls dropping low .he then proceeds to go emotional on the Next Joint Aye Le ( Letter to Mr Broke ) where he speaks out to all the broke people whom he used to chill with , alongside his Haters and the song is sure going to touch anyone that has ever been on a downside in his life before.

The Highest Point on The Album has to be the Ronnie Assisted Life where Ronnie delivers a world class performance on the hook, and Yung Hanz goes introspective with deep lines like “ if life was today then there will be no tomorrow / if life was a Bird it sure won’t be a swallow / if life was a river I bet its gon be shallow / but life is a road yall know its Narrow “ Yung Hanz Rounds Off the Album on a Free Spirited Note with the Reggae Tinged Mary Jay N Things an Ode to all the smokers and tokers in the house . He then Closes the Album with a nice Spoken word Outro and a Bonus Joint (Display Club Mix). This album in one Word is BOLD.

Yung Hanz dropped this album to test the waters and i say all Hip-Hop heads should give him a listen , and you are going to be sure to pick out a thing or two. I also commend the African vibe that Rayconex employed to deliver Solid productions on each track on the Album. I also respect Yung Hanz Versatility and the album makes a solid Listen and is sure to add new music to each playlist for the Christmas season. The album is a lovely packaging with nice quality and a solid beginning of greatness. More grease to Yung Hanz.

Beats: 4.5/5

Lyrics: 4/5

Originality: 4/5

The Watcher scores this album: 4/5

Watchers Note: Book of Hanz is available for sale online right here on NHH.