Critical Album Review:- Vector The Viper – State Of Surprise [ S.O.S ]






PRODUCERS: Vector Himself, VYBES Production, H-Code, Samklef, Culture, Shogon, Da Piano, Van Beats, J-Smith .

GUESTS APPEARANCES :  Tuface Idibia, General Pype, Chuddy K, Sista Soul, Ade Piper, Emmsong, Shogon .

Vector tha Viper is a debutant on the Nigerian Hip-Hop scene being that he started buzzing seriously in 2010 on the stable of YSG Records after dropping the controversial single Kilode featuring Emmsong. Vector graced a number of collabos (Shayo Remix with Bigiano and Pami with Mudiani) and a performance at the Big Brother Africa party in Johannesburg. Vector decided to waste no further time and riding high on the YSG Entertainment promotion machinery he brings us his newly released album STATE OF SURPRISE.

Vector has been compared in different circles to Jay Z and it’s not a secret that Vector can freestyle being that he appeared on Jimmy Jatts Jump Off and the Lyriscist Lounge with Soul Snatcha, and went off the top. Vector shows that not only can he freestyle but he can also make a solid track and still hold it down. Starting off with the Intro he produced, Vector goes off with bars that clearly indicate his hunger as a debutant over a melodic backdrop of heartbeats and switching drums. Vector drops gems like “I was raised in the streets/Made name on the streets/ Flipping verses on the beat/Y’all came to the Street.” He immediately goes off spewing venom at copy cat rappers and face fakers in the Nigerian Hip-Hop scene on the next joint “Sha Ma Wa Lo” where he drops scathing lines like “Too many rappers under one roof break out/WTF I guess y’all freaks make out.” Vector then team up with R & B superstar Tuface on the H-Code helmed “Get Down” where he goes off with Tuface and holds his own over a bevy of punchlines and a very top notch performance by Tuface. The next joint Mary Jane is an ode to the Green leaf, which is sure to get all smokers rolling up a fat one to the rhythm and was backed up by the reggae tinged style. Fela Kuti inspired intro but the skit that preceded the song failed to back up the genius of the song. Nevertheless, Vector delivers another worthy album cut. Vector switches the Album Tempo on the Shogon assisted “Di Mi Mu” where he drops a solid club banger and Shogon drops an AKONesque (Padon my French) chorus that is sure to get the ladies popping in the clubs.

Vector was conscious and patriotic on “I Love U Nigeria” and he also holds it down on the production as well. The album continues on the Samklef Produced Denge Pose, another club banger that had Vector displaying his wordplay and mastery of beat riding. But fails to drop noteworthy lines [“No Tony Tetuila Rap is My Car” (+_+), “I Rose Like Nectar” (+_+)] despite the freestyling on the verses. The beat and the rhythm save the day here and make the joint club worthy. Vector drops a sensual one for the ladies on the Collie Buddz interpolated instrumental (Private Show From the Last Toke Album) produced by Van Beats and had Chuddy K helming the hook and has Vector letting his girls know he ain’t scared to go down on them on downtown. Vector continues on the lover boy route and drops another one for the love of his life on the Emmsong assisted “No Be Say”. Vector switches the album tempo and sound on the next skit where his innovatively freestyles answer questions thrown at him on the Sly Griff show. He goes braggadocios off next on the VYBES productions produced track “Legendary”, where he state his claim to the Hip-Hop throne with lines like “I’m on my legendary hustle/ See my legendary muscle/ this is my bed view movement because I’m on top you.”

Vector teams up with fellow Ganja man General Pype and Ade Viper on the Mary Jane Remix to bring a worthy remix to the already banging single. Soul Sista was on Vector’s conscious tinged track “The Movement” but failed to deliver a top notch performance. However, Vector saved the day with thought provoking lines like “people is (sic) the reason why a person can exist/ without everybody then somebody is a myth.” Vector closes his album with an ode to all his fans that truly appreciate his music on an H-Code produced track “Feel Me Pass” and goes off with a warning to his haters on the third verse with lines like “If you feel me I dey feel you/You no dey feel me God no go kill you/but when you see what Vector will do/I just hope say shock no go kill you.” Vector drops another club banger as a bonus cut with the J Smith produced “Warm and Close” with Ade Piper and in order to score another club hit. The combo works pretty well with Vector displaying his mic skills and piper dropping a banging chant.

In a nutshell Vector has defeated the odds, Jay Z comparisons and industry politics to drop a worthy debut and despite the fact that Vector got carried away with the Freestyling sometimes, and goes off point, the album arrangement. The theme and music is top notch and is sure to linger in the minds of true hip hop lovers for years to come. The album is a sure a collector’s item and you can purchase the Album [HERE]. The album is certified by The Watcher as a collector’s item and with that it is safe to say that Vector duly surprised his fans and industry pundits alike.

Beats: 4.5/5

Originality: 3.5/5

Lyrics: 4/5

The Watcher scores this album: 4/5