Critical Album Review:- Pherowshuz – The Return Of Phero The Great


By Osagie Alonge

ARTISTE: Pherowshuz

ALBUM: The Return of Phero the Great

RECORD LABEL: IllTouch Productions


PRODCUCERS: Pherowshuz ,Tommy Shields,Sazzy.

From the get go Pherowshuz comes off as a very hard spitter,witty with the words,never reserved with the punch lines,sample techniques and in general he’s quite adventurous exploring new sounds.

After an impressive debut album (please don’t judge by sales) which took him up the rap food chain,Pherowshuz still located in the North at that time found himself thrown back the list due to the fact that a lot of Emcees had made their to the Music Capital….Lagos. But instead of crying of the fact that he should be considered the best,Phero went back to the lab to produce his best work so far. Hence the album title….The Return of the Phero.

Skilled with the ability to enthrall his listeners right from the start,Phero goes off the the intro no be small tin by demanding for the respect that has eluded him all this while with lines like it’s smooth delivery when I enter the game like a woman giving birth but without no pain

Pherowshuz keeps it at a mild tempo from the first few songs then proceeds to the club banger/street anthem and 1st single of the album Korrect which contains heavy 808 drums and bassy tunes. Even after a year after its release,Korrect is still much relevant and repeat button compliant.Another Party starter is Make Una Clap which takes samples from Lil Kim’s Lighters Up and is well complimented with subtle but on point delivery. All through the album,one thing is quite evident Pherowshuz is confident of his lyrics; the listener tends to feel as if you were in the same room with him.

It’s not all bumpy and clubby though as Pherow bears his inner feelings on Nobody Knows,here he talks about how much he has invested so much in the game but not settling for a life of 2nd place. Dropping lines like what you know about growing up not giving a fuck/what you know about making moves when you feel stuck .you gotta feel his pain. And on the ballad for hip-hop Where diju go ft Eve & Shojay, Phero reveals his deep passion for the culture/music.

Pherowshuz seems to touch on other aspects apart from him lyrical dexterity.While a song like Shots in the air centres on the political hassles the country finds itself in,What a feeling and Let’s talk caters to his female fans. Gbele ft 9ice is the very song for the ladies though.

However they are some down points in this comeback album; on Metronome where Pherow claims to rap on only on the clicking pendulum,a beat runs in after a couple of bars defeating the purpose of the concept. And on Rhyme tight Pt. 2 even though Pherowshuz kills the beat with multiple punchlines, it doesn’t match up with the original performed by fellow rapper Modenine.

Pherow bounces back with the Waz beat assisted I grind featuring Overdose and ups the ante on Trouble dey featuring Maestro, 5ive & Gransun.

Conclusively,Pherowshuz has finally stamped his foot with this constructive,skilled and creative album. This could pass as a tutorial for upcomers (both rappers and producers). We welcome The Return of Phero the Great

Beats: 4/5

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Originality: 4.5/5




  1. […] Pherowshuz, who was responsible for producing Sample, one of the biggest rap singles in Nigerian Hip-hop history, is also one of the few artistes in Nigeria that single-handedly handles the production, mixing and mastering of all his albums. With little or no interest in mainstream promo shenanigans, Phero has been focused on mastering the art of catering to his core cult fanbase while remaining true to his fundamental musical identity and Tha Phero was a continuation of the independent promo formula which was first made manifest in his second studio album The Return Of Phero Tha Great, 2010[read review here]. […]