Critical Album Breakdown:- AQ – The Past, Present And Future






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PRODUCERS: – Ray-X, XYZ, E-Twinz, Laylow, Bionic, and Phat Boi Productions

GUEST APPEARANCES: – Terry Tha Rapman, Pherowshuz, Iceberg Slim, X-Trim, Laylow, Retta, Lace, Izzy and Squeeze.

You May Love or Hate AQ, But Denying His Lyrical Prowess is Something That Even his most Unrepentant Haters don’t Bother to Do.AQ is A beast on The Mic, And Equally a Hustler, Who Truly Studied the Nigerian Hip-Hop Industry and Mastered His Art Properly, Before Deciding to Drop The Highly Anticipated Mainstream Debut Album “The Past, Present and The Future” [ Hustle INC 2010 ] and As Expected, The Album Dropped  On the Internet on December 4th 2010 and Should Be Out on the streets by now

I Called the Album His Mainstream Debut Album, Because AQ Has Previously Dropped Different Compilations; First Off was the Listen and Overstand LP [2004]Which Contained the Controversial Single (W) Rap up Nigeria, Where He Dissed Ruggedman and Also Shot a Video That Was Well Shown on AIT and MBI Back Then. He Dropped The Album independently , and Sold at different shows and Also on the streets , and This Resulted in the Sale Of  about 5000 Units at the Cost of N300,and It was Also Sold on the Internet on Amazon and CD Universe, and Went A Long Way to Solidify AQ in the Mind of the underground Hip-Hop Head.AQ Went Back into The Lab and Cooked up The Commission ( Maga Must Pay ) Mixtape [2005] ,which was Sold as Well and Then  The Love and Money Mixtape  [2009] that Dropped on the Internet .so Technically , PPF is AQ’s Mainstream Debut, and Having Listened to All Four of His Offerings , I Make Bold to Say that AQ has Finally Discovered His Sound , Path and Flow.

The album Starts Off On A Very Nostalgic Note , And Had AQ Spitting Brainless over a Thumping Snare Kick By Ray-x ( Who Had the Lion’s Share of Production Producing 11 Out of 17 Joints ) ,And Melodic Strings with AQ Spitting Venom With Bars Like I’m In it For Nothing / Y’all Wish I was Fronting / Rain Dropping Through The Roof Of my crib Its Nothing /Roaches and Rats And Beans For Dinner / Kept it Focused on tracks now the rims are spinners” .Next Track is The brutally honest Diary , Which had A-Dash Pouring out inner demons starting off the joint on a sombre note with lines like “Lost My First Brother , Never Got to meet him / Sickle Cell Anaemia Nothing Could Have Healed him / then I lost another April 4th ’96 / Cult boys Slaughtered I Aint Been the same ever since” The Joint featured Newcomer Retta  Who delivered an edge cutting performance Reminiscent of Alanis Morisette. “Gbese” Features Laylow , X-trim and Lace ,with AQ Spitting with Braggadocio, Easily Riding the Laylow Produced instrumental. Easily The E-Twinz Produced ”Champagne and Rum”  Has AQ on A Story-Telling Mode ,Cleverly and Hilariously Narrating His Nocturnal adventures On the Streets Of Lagos Over the samba-Like drums and Crazy cymbal combinations. Despite the below–Par Hook, AQ Saves the day Lyrically and the DJs Gonna Sure be hitting replay on this one.AQ Gets his Wordplay on on the next joint “Names” [ Listen Here ] (Which I Guess All of us have heard) where he calls Jesse Jagz and Ruggedman Out and intelligently weaves Different names into a song which is being hailed by many as a Classic Hip-Hop Joint. “Mo-Hawk Cutting Artistes Need to Try Pony-Tails”. Ray-X Starts His instrumental invasion On PPF With track 6 “Sold Out” Where AQ Delivers Another sharp cut for the Pimps ,Players and Ballers, and also Clears Himself to all The Ladies out there. AQ Takes it Back to the Clubs over a Thumping Instrumental by Ray-X with A Crazy combination of kicks and bounces to deliver another sure club banger. The Album Continues on an Honest Note on the next Joint ”Blame It” Where AQ Takes the Stance of a Blamer “Blame  It on the ah ah ah ah Champagne and Red Rum / My Alma Mater Kings College Floreat Connection /School Of Geniuses / Blame My Seniors Gs’ / Boys With Mad Game Still Very serious kids” , And Goes on To Deny All Culpability Regarding  the way his life turned out , And Happens to Be A Song I Can relate to 100% The Joint Features Izzy ( whom  I Thought  was General Pype Before ) , Who Delivers a Reggae Tinged Hook and Ray- X As Usual Maintains the up-tempo Vibe of the Album.

8 Tracks Deep Into The album, and it feels like you’ve known AQ All your life. On “Found Love” Dash displays his vulnerable side, alongside mellow drum rolls and A set of Cleverly Orchestrated strings , AQ Poetically delivers an ode to the love of his life. The Street Hustler in AQ Shows itself on the next Joint “Internet Hustler” Where he blatantly explains his out of studio Hustle to Everyone, and Maintains His Street Credibility “I’m Like SpielBerg I Make Dreams Work”.Highly Motivated by His Passion to emphasize his position as Nigeria’s Best Rapper, Dash Continues on the “People Every day” Where he Clearly warns all rappers out there and reminds us of how Lethal he is which also Consolidates his lyrical dominance on the album. “More Money , More Flossing” is the next cut , aimed at displaying his spending habits , and Terry Tha Rapman comes through and Steals the Show With an Insane Verse on the next Joint Despite AQ’s Efforts to Make sure that Didn’t Happen “Get your Crime On” Had Ray-X Switching the Sound and Going  down the Crunk-Lane a Little , but that didn’t stop him from delivering his usual top-notch Trademark Beat.AQ Ends the Album on A Dark Note with two joints “Nightmares” and “If I Should Die” on the Former he Laments over A Rock Influenced instrumental about The Armageddon and the Evil Things going on in the world around us today Touching Issies Like His Inner Fears , His Unborn Kids , Faliure , and so on , while on the Latter ,he Dedicates It to The Late Da Grin and Also Guru Of Gangstarr and AQ sounded Remorseful With lines like “Rest In Peace Guru I Shoulda Seen you / When you dropped in Nigeria , I Shoulda Been Through”, and Squeeze also Delivers A Touching Rendition. on the Hook. The Final Track on the Album is The Names Remix Which Featured IceBreg Slim and Pherowshuz , and Pherowshuz Sounded Like he was Forced to do the Verse , as He Failed to Really Connect with The Concept , But Iceberg Slim Kept It Trill and Still Had Some Subliminal Shots Fired at MI  , but AQ Murked all of them, Despite the Fact That the Production Quality of The Song Falters , The Track Makes a Good Listen.

The Highest Point on the Album Is the XYZ (Of Str8Buttah) Produced “Unbreakable” Where he sampled The Legendary Sir Victor Uwaifo ( Giodo Giodo Voodoo ) and AQ Delivered An Equally Classic Lamentation Riddled with Conscious Quips and Brain Racking Bars .All in All AQ Has Delivered one of the Best Hip-Hop Albums  of 2010, Whose Classic nature cannot be denied even by the harshest critics. The Album is Honest, Street, Dark, Lyrical , Humorous, Braggadicious ,Original  and Most Importantly Hip-Hop.What Other Qualities do you need to Label an Album a Classic?? AQ Has Matured over The years, carefully studied the terrain, defeated the industry Politics and brought us His life on A Compact disc, and Posterity Would surely Judge him for this Stellar Offering.

Beats – 4.5

Lyrics :- 4.8

Originality :- 4.5

The Watcher Scores This Album : 4.5 / 5

Watchers Note :- The Album is Available HERE , for $6.99 Check it Out Now.