Comic Lyric Visualizer:- M.I Abaga & Vector – Crown Of Clay


Nigerian Hip-hop powerhouses M.I Abaga and Vector The Viper have released a comic lyric visualizer for their recently released groundbreaking Hip-hop collaboration titled Crown Of Clay. The official music video is expected anytime soon, but for now, enjoy the visualizer below.


This Comic Lyric Visualizer, tells a story of the mental state in every human, battling with the true essence of their existence or self. The case study is the mental state of a typical African; which has been wired by so much influences that is non-African, that limits the African man from exercising his full capacity as a human being and as a black race.

Despite all this constraints the African man faces, he will still see the light and still excel: hence, the illustration of the big black over-fed human chasing the other glowing human, signifies how much effort has been put to hold back the African man from finding his true essence as an African.