News:- Blaqbonez Releases Scathing Diss Track Aimed At Numerous Rappers

News:- Blaqbonez Releases Scathing Diss Track Aimed At Numerous Rappers


Self acclaimed best rapper in Africa, has been stirring controversy on twitter for over a week. Giving his colleagues in the game cold feet.

He challenged rappers to dare him to a rap battle. Calling out Mavin signed emcee, LadiPoe and also revered one-half of Show Dem Camp,  Ghost.

LadiPoe responded, suggesting it be done on a track, but Blaqbonez wasn’t having any of that, insisting it be a live battle of over thirty minutes. His Label boss, A-Q kicked a venue and date at the forth coming Coronation concert. But the frenzy died off with nobody accepting the challenge.

Just when we thought the heat was over. Out of the blue an infuriated TenTik dropped a diss track titled, “Blaq Friday”.

It was really a hard hitting track. Twitter was thrown into a frenzy. A relatively unknown TenTik had body bagged the self acclaimed best rapper in Africa.

While Blaqbonez was still trying to recover from the blow, Trap House head honcho Payper Corleone dropped his “Everybody Dies”. Also another unknown rapper MejiTheRapper dropped,  “Blaq Out”.

While Payper Corleone had mixed reaction getting criticized for not taking shots at Blaqbonez but went out expressing braggadocio, MejiTheRapper was getting all the love, winning more followers. His diss was packed with direct shots.

Blaqbonez fans were all over his timeline, asking for a reply. Salivating for a “robust” response. Did the self proclaimed best rapper in Africa live up to his name? Ofcourse he did.

Blaqbonez on 30th June 2019 at noon dropped his reply titled, “Best Rapper In Africa (BRIA)”. He went all out at TenTik, snubbed Meji, considering him not worth enough to spar with the king.

Just when we thought that was it, the other half of the diss Blaqbonez pulled a Kendrick Lamar on Control, calling out every relevant & new school cat in the game. Boogey, Falz, LadiPoe, SDC, Payper, Psycho YP, even veteran Mode 9.

The game just got awakened. Are we going to get back to back on wax responses coming In? Or will the silence be very deafening?

Blaqbonez is asking for all the smoke and he isn’t choking. Is he the Nigerian rap messiah we’ve been waiting for? Time, only time will tell.