Album Review:- Before We Fall Asleep Is Johnny Drille’s Expression Beyond Romance.


Johnny Drille before we fall asleepArtiste:- Johnny Drille
Album:- Before We Fall Asleep
Record Label:- Mavin Record
Distributed By:- Nil
Guest Appearances:- Don Jazzy, Ayra Starr, Styl Plus, Chlyde, Lagos Community Choir.
Producers:- London, Donjazzy, etc.
Release Date:- 3rd September 2021
Critical Breakdown

Every single one who has ever encountered a Johnny Drille’s song, would give so much respect to the fact that he captures enough romance through the thematic structure of his music, from his expressions and also including the direction of his professional songwriting. It is strong and productive.

Before We Fall Asleep is the debut album he offers perhaps that could leave every single fan racing towards his usual, stroking love tales as presumed; yet, this one offers a range of reflections and also expands his artistic pleasures beyond telling love stories and heart2heart tales. Drille, overly expands in so much more than stroking magnificent love themes on the album.

A track like, “Lies To Whom It May Concern” is an outstanding creation on the album. ‘LTWIMC‘, is a very strong effort JD uses to story about where he comes from, and about how his people have been forced to be voiceless in their turmoil. He talks about the corruption of political leaders and the state of his country’s insecurity and how the people have been fooled repeatedly. Lies To Whom It May Concern rides on a legit striking guitar spectrum that beams through like it could still become that perfect song if it was rock music, indeed.

After lacing a track with the theme and essence that kicks against a variety of plight in his home via ‘Lies To Whom It May Concern’, “Lost In The Rhythm” becomes a more perfectly structured continuation of the stint. The album sequencing towards this end, was perfect enough for one to relate with. Mind you, we are starting out focusing on the part where Johnny Drille’s art begins to drive a trajection beyond the art of expanding and telling the best love tales ever.

The more grossing beauty about ‘Before We Fall Asleep’ album is in how he expands and becomes more realistic as an act who understands what goes on in his society. On “Lost In The Rhythm” is where he records after ‘Lies To Whom In May Concern’ showing that he understands the ills and the wrong happenings in the society including, the police brutality which led to the nation wide protest where citizens cried for police reformation and end of SARS (special anti-robbery squad) in Nigeria. The track was a short one due to it’s nature and that it had the perfect expression in it.

Well, in my view the record should have accompanied rap delivery alongside, perhaps, Ladipoe’s appearance should been able to escalate and expand it’s succulent need towards exploring hip-pop culture in itself. Though it was perfect the way it was, yet, a consideration enough to relate with a new demography won’t be the wrongest idea for Johnny Drille’s music to soar either.

Another outstanding record comes from the track featuring his label mate, Ayra Starr, titled: “In The Light“. Styl Plus’s appearance on this project is entirely legendary and that it spiced the album to the fullest, towards the direction of love and romance as Ayra Starr’s effort did justice as well as Don Jazzy and Chylde’s manifestations that sounds truly redeeming with her cold vocal experience in between. “My kind of brown” opens the album and gives it the structure of an audio movie that is about to begin as he floats in lyrical reflections that are strong and able to motivate. The first track was strong enough, even the essence beyond the part that leads a passage of loving, he tends to motivate a soul out there somewhere as he chorused. “You are so much more/you’ve been hiding in your shell for way too long” he said, expecting to lift someone up as he sing emotionally across a striking guitar chords and percussions.

Drille’s song writing is very delectable and full of good experience and purity for one to learn word placement from. He is a genius in writing and putting the perfect words to form his musical story. Indeed. And the album opening was good, even as the ending was well defined with “Sell My Soul” which was as perfect as the beginning track.

In sell my soul is where he postulates that he can never never sell his soul, yet before the record began he was congratulated by someone that is seemingly very close to him. He choruses that he can never ever sell his soul, and that he loves Jesus. Before we fall asleep, is a range of JD’s thoughts, strongly beyond love and romance, but has something that concerns his personal life and even his experience and it could ve something exactly that he might have encountered. This is truly some kind of project meant for his truest fans to ponder on, while they’re all awake before they fall asleep or perhaps take certain decisions. JD is a genius. Indeed.

Beats/Production:- 8.5/10

Lyrics:- 8.5/10

Composition/Arrangement:- 8.5/10

Best Verse:- Nil

Standout Track:- Lies To Whom It May Concern & Lost In the Rhythm

Musical Moment:- My Kind Of Brown & Sell My Soul.

Album Rating:- 8.5/10