Audio:- Wenew – On The Run [ Freestyle ]


Amadi Wenenda” Popularly know as “Wenew” which he derived from his birth name wenenda, he was brought up from a tribe know as the ikwerrians from a city called Porthacourt in a neighboring village “Rumuorosi” with a family of 8, him being the 4th born, kicked up his career at a tender age of 12, according to him on how he discovered his talent it was an incident of challenge from his colleagues in high school, after which he took up the courage and kept working hard, after which he joined a crew called the j-units where he worked with people like Ash, Lino, by the year 2010 the crew got separated where Wenew decided to work on his own. He got his own record label “Best Music”and kept his work going Wenew is currently working with people like Eddie Izycs, Erry, Ebanks Mani e.t.c