Audio + Video:- Wajo – Mash Up

Wajo is an outrageously talented Ghanaian Based Nigerian Afrobeat Singer. The sensational singer hails from Delta State, Nigeria. Her first contact with this musical art form is her family. From the parents to siblings, everyone loved music so much that, not even a single day passed without hearing music at home. This stimulated that hidden passion with music and sparked the inferno she possesses with respects to her musical and creative prowess. Interestingly, Wajo is a highly acclaimed life band performer and actually begun her career with a life band group called Rhythm Masters. Her first contact to stardom sprung from one episode of Vodafone’s Icon competition which she was able to make it up to the best 10 contenders in Greater Accra. 
But this did not shutter her dreams of becoming one of the best acts, but rather became the catalyst to do more in this art form that she grew up in, and loves so much. This stunning 90s girl eventually owned a personal life band group called Jukebox. The experience and the Initiative came with the countless number of times she had played life band gigs with the Rhythm Masters band at such Top Class venues like Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel, Angie Hill hotel and Fiesta Royale Hotel. As it were, this constant play with a band eventually sharpened her talent more in her music career. As if that ended there, with her band, Jukebox she continued to perform at yet again classic Venues namely, Africa Regent Hotel, Aqua Safari, and Afrikiko and the likes. Wajo then decided that it was time for her to get through school and get education and also feed fat one of her passions which was Nursing. 
Eventually in 2018 she signed up a record deal with RUFF Money Records. As a part of the learning process, the deal with rough Ruff Money taught  her a lot more in this music business. Now in her final year about to complete her Nursing clinicals, the time is up now to let the world know what she’s got. Though born with a silver spoon in her mouth, the spoon falling off at a point and tables turning, Wajo is just your average talented act that is here to hustle her way through her first love- Music. Indeed when life throws you lemons, don’t hesitate, Keep pushing forward, make Lemonades. Enjoy this Mash up Video. See Talent in display.