Audio + Video:- Aina More – Destiny


British-Nigerian Hip-hop artiste, songwriter and actress Aina More is making a comeback to the music scene, with a totally different identity and sound which is seeing her explore the contemporary UK Drill music sound, but spicing her version up with an authentic Afrocentric flavour.

That’s exactly what she has done on her new single Destiny, which contains samples from Afrobeat icon Seun Kuti and was produced by Musiek Mambu. The song was released alongside an accompanying music video that was shot and directed by Oye 2.0. Check it out below.


The UK based rapper had this to say about her new sound and musical outlook:

With what I’ve been creating lately, there’s so much that I’m going to give of myself musically in the coming year, I have this unquenchable hunger to express myself freely, and ‘Destiny’ is the first part of that. Lyrically, I needed to remind everyone of just who Aina More is, and overall, I feel it represents my identity well, even down to the visuals – I’m very authentically Yoruba, but I’m also that girl that grew up in London, and sometimes I let my ego just do its own thing”. – Aina More