Audio:- The Dell Records – Dreams Featuring Illgod, Smilez Danielz & Samflow

The Dell Records, Samflow, Smilez Danielz, Illgod
The Dell Records – Dreams Featuring Samflow, Smilez Danielz & Illgod

On a track aptly titled Dreams, The Dell Records all-stars drop their first single of the year featuring Samflow, Smilez Danielz and the mercurial super-producer Illgod. The track, intended as a teaser for the anticipated Dell Records album, is an Afro-Pop song on the subject of the respective artiste’s dreams. Samflow starts off the song with an intro verse that is poetically melodious and lyrical. Smilez Danielz is a musical revelation here. His voice is tinged with a certain local flavour that is soothing, groovy, and rooted in the sounds peculiar to Port Harcourt (think Korkormikor). Illgod caps it off with a sweet eight-bar verse.

For those who have heard Plasthic Slash’s Garden City Blues album (2020), Smilez Danielz – on the hook for “I Wonder As I Wander”, had one of the memorable guest appearances on that album. Illgod is a long-established name in Nigerian music and hip-hop circles. As a rapper-producer, his production credits include songs with the likes of Modenine, Illbliss and Timi Kei. Fresh off last year’s excellent “Incipit Vita Nova”, Illgod juggles production and guest verse duties on this melodic track that is bound to turn heads.