Audio:- Tarrah – Beautiful + Ije Love


In the wake of her debut, It’s not unusual to hear artists talk about how the best of their songs were written out of depression or a challenging experience. So you can understand my curiosity when I heard the song “Beautiful” by Tarrah. I had a lengthy conversation with Tarrah about her source of inspiration for this sweet, simple but genius song and I realized that it was not one challenging experience but a cocktail of events that inspired the writing of the song “Beautiful”.

She graduated from school as a Veterinary Doctor but still had every part of her being yearning to follow her first love, music. Though she felt awkward for choosing this lonely road, it was the least of her worries as she had to deal with getting married and not getting pregnant for years, failed businesses which were an attempt to raise funds for her music and other dream projects, four bad music videos and an endless demand to pay for airplay with nothing to show for it. Tarrah began to lose herself. “Those 3 years of not having a child were a serious wilderness experience for me, every time I went to gatherings I felt like people were looking at my tummy and judging me in their minds.

So between that and the rigorous and extremely painful medical procedures I had to go through, my heart ached so bad, I questioned what I stood for” she said. Frankly speaking, I know there are people who waited 20 years for a child, but considering the mix of events that were happening in Tarrah’s life at that time, I can only imagine how it must have consumed her or at the very least left her feeling like her head was been pushed under water. Despite her confidence slowly depreciating, she was able to raise her head above her circumstance to look around her immediate environment as she thought about other people who could be going through similar or even tougher situations.

“If there is anything the struggles of life has thought me, it is that we are not defined by our predicaments” she said. As she began to remind herself that it only matters what the person who mattered the most thought about her, Hence the birth of this song. …Beautiful!



Ije Love