Audio:- Pizzo & Kunem – They Don’t Care

Audio:- Pizzo & Kunem – They Don’t Care


Using Martin Luther King Junior day as an anchor, Pizzo & Kunem express their opinions over a remake of Michael Jacksons “They don’t care about us” record.

As the most populous black nation on earth prepares to go to the polls for its presidential elections, “They don’t Care” reminds the electorate that Nigeria has historically had leaders that haven’t cared about improving the quality of life of their county men, but instead have focused on enriching themselves with public funds at the expense of the populace.

With America -one of the most advanced democracies in the world- presently dealing with a government shutdown where over 800,000 Federal workers have gone unpaid for more than a month, one can argue that Karl Marx was right to say the ruling class’s main objective is to gain more power, money, and influence; They don’t care about us.