Audio:- Okwei Odili – A Lua Featuring Aweto Band


Nigerian singer and composer based in Salvador- Okwei Odili, has released her first music in portuguese with her band- Aweto.

‘A Lua‘ in the style of Samba Soul, reminds us about hope and solidarity in these times. The music is rich, groovy and necessary, and we hope you can share this beautiful moment with us.

Okwei Odili is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who came to Brazil for the first  time in 2013 with a music bursary from UNESCO and the Sacatar Institute in  Itaparica. In her two months in Brazil, she and some Brazilians formed the band  IFA Afrobeat and recorded together an album IFA Afrobeat + Okwei V Odili. The  project won the band the Premio Caymi in 2015 for ‘Best Revelation’ and the  success inspired Okwei to return. In 2016 she and some Brazilian musicians  formed the band Aweto. 

Since the band’s first performance at the Latinidades festival in Brasilia in 2016,  Okwei and the band has become one of Salvador’s most beloved bands and an  important part of nightlife in the city’s alternative scene. The band received some  of the best artists from Brazil and abroad and is currently recording an album. 

Okwei’s style is eclectic, but predominantly Afrobeat, and World black music  including Brazilian and World influences.