Audio:- Ochuko – Forever


Produced by BeatbyRowllins and inspired by my wife (Nwamaka Sifo) who gives me strength and reminds me every day how good God has been to me to this very day. Most of all she reminds me to always believe that anything is possible through Christ Jesus. (In her voice “When you put in the work you will definitely see the results) Song was inspired by all the blessings I unconsciously failed to acknowledge in my life. As a token and reminder of my appreciation of Gods goodness I am re-dedicating my gift to God and reaching out to all those out there in need of a word of reassurance that God alone deserves the praise.

The song basically gives praise to the King of Kings and expresses how we as human beings should not hold back when giving God praise. Words are not enough to shame the devil so do it with all that is within you with your hands, your feet and most importantly ……your voice.

I’m dedicating this song to all believers and those in doubt, seasons may come and seasons may go, but God remains the same yesterday, today and forevermore….

This is why the song is titled it “FOREVER”