Audio:- Na!ra – Absolution


8-10 years ago, Naira was one of the most promising female rappers in the Nigerian music scene and brought something unique and audacious to the table with a string of impressive records and collaborations that set her apart from most artistes of the era. However, the US-based artiste went quiet and somewhat fizzled out, whilst the industry evolved to it’s current phase where when you mention the word “Naira” in regards to music, everybody thinks “Marlian“.

Naira (who has since rebranded as Na!ra) is however continuing to create and release music and is in the process of making a comeback to the music scene. Today, she delivers a single titled Absolution, which is her first release of the year. It’s available to purchase on Bandcamp and was released alongside a short message from the talented singer. check it out below and support her.

Spring is definitely in full swing and I hope your families are well and enjoying the sunshine. I find it intriguing how the pandemic has forced us all to be still, present and introspective – humbling even… In these past few months I’ve been blessed to work virtually with some really amazing creatives to share this very personal journey in love and relationships. Sometimes I remind myself that if two people are meant to be, they will find their way back to each other eventually.

Forgiveness is an act of Freedom and so is Love. 

With that, I ask that you show some to my new single “Absolution” produced by femme fatale Audia Da Sound by purchasing it now on Bandcamp! Your support means the world to me and fuels the creation of more dope content!

Vibe to it and send me a note to let me know if you likey 🙂

Creatively Yours,

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