Audio:- M.S.Esquire – Barbara

Audio:- M.S.Esquire – Barbara

Audio:- M.S.Esquire - Barbara

Alternative English Rapper M.S.Esquire makes another appearance on NS with a striking Trippy rap song titled Barbara. The song was inspired by the Night of the living dead movie and has an eerie haunting feel which I like. Though he is British, he is inspired by world music , has worked with a number of African artistes and is looking to work with more, check it out below and read his official synopsis.

Growing up listening to Pink Floyd with my mum, The Fall with my dad and The Beatles with my brother definitely was a plus when i started making alternative hip hop”

M.S.ESQUIRE had taken influence from the past and now paving a new way for alternative hip hop with experimental sounds and flows. M.S.ESQUIRE has been living in london for the past 5 years. The cross over from the suburb to city has helped shaped the distinctive style of M.S.ESQUIRE.

The last Project M.S.ESQUIRE worked on was under his production name MESSY SOUNDS as he mainly produced the music and some input to the vocals. The project was called The Grim ep and was a collaboration between himself and nigerian artist Dapo marino. 

You can download the grim ep

If i didn’t do music i would become a antique dealer” Esquire has always lived in the world of antiques, vintage furniture and vintage clothes from a young age. you will often see him at a car-boot sale or walking around at vintage clothes markets.

Currently M.S.ESQUIRE is working on his first solo mix tape Extra Real and is looking to release it mid spring but will be putting out a few tracks in the mean time to give us a glimpse of his style. 

M.S.ESQUIRE has released “Give it to Em “ from the ep Extra Real the only track that will be released before the mix tape is out.