Audio:- Ladele – Blessing


Ladele is on NS with  a new single titled Blessing.The track is quite good, so download it after reading about the budding singer below.

‘Ladele, is an Afro-fusion artist who hails from Kwara state, Nigeria. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, he started his music career, unofficially, in school as a performer at different shows and school dinners. Being the music director of a school choir, he organized shows and musical concerts which gave him the opportunity for experience and growth in performing arts and music.

With a vision to positively enhance life through his music, ‘Ladele has worked on different concerts, recording projects and currently plays with One Octave Music, a band he founded in 2011.

Following his official debut single, ‘My Friend’, which was released in 2015, ‘Ladele returns with a new material which he aptly titles ‘Blessing’.

A philosophy to make music resonate at the frequency of the soul is what this amazing talent stands by and there’s no mincing words,‘Ladele is definitely set to bring that new, original touch to Afro-fusion music in Nigeria.