Audio:- Janeliasoul – Bedroom Magician Ft. Femi Sanya

Janeliasoul - Bedroom Magician Feat Femi Sanya
Artwork for the single Bedroom Magician by Janeliasoul and Femi Sanya. All rights reserved 2021

US based Nigerian Soul singer Janeliasoul has appeared on Nigerian Sounds on several occasions and today reappears with an interesting collaboration titled Bedroom Magician.

The song was released specifically for lovers on Valentine’s day and was crafted alongside her husband and creative partner Femi Sanya. The song is quite vibrant and packs a strong punch. Check it out below and read her short message to her fans as well.

Welcome and thanks for checking out our new single “Bedroom Magician”. Although the official release date is March 5th for all platforms, we created this pre-release free download page especially for dancers, DJs, bloggers, radio/TV personnel and our awesome fans! As musicians that have been married for 18 years, we have written many “love songs” together over the years and decided it’s about time we start putting them out one at a time, so we started with one of our naughtiest songs, lol. 

We put our hearts and souls into writing and producing this song and our only request for making this free download available to you is; please spread the word and play this track until you put a dent in it😍. – Janeliasoul

DOWNLOAD Janeliasoul – Bedroom Magician HERE