Audio:- H.O.M.A – Sucker


About the song, Sucker: 

On first listen Sucker takes you back, it creates nostalgia due to the sampling of a Nigerian classic,  “Malaria” by Soty. H.O.M.A does the Killer Producer instrumental justice with the control of his voice,  influencing Afro and RnB melodies. Sucker is an expression of love to the point they say only fools rush  towards. Mixed and mastered by Kontei, Sucker is worthy of any Afro and RnB playlist.  

About the Artiste, H.O.M.A: 

H.O.M.A (pronounced Homa) is a singer-songwriter from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

He began exploring his passion for songwriting at an early age and got hooked on making rhymes and  melodies with proper lyrical content. He cites fellow PH bred African Giant, Burna Boy as one of his early  influences amongst many others like Allan Rayman and Jacob Banks to name a few. 

He released his first ever single in 2018 when he joined Black Federation, an indie record label in Port  Harcourt City, Nigeria  

His sound has evolved over time and it’s evident in his last release Madness, a song which features one  of PH city’s budding artists Reynbow. 

The song got included into a verified curated playlist on the Audiomack, and has so far received very  positive feedback from fans and listeners. 

Although H.O.M.A understands and can perform within the wide range of genres and musical sub cultures in the country, he relates the most with the Alté scene but he would not like to be labelled an  Alté artiste as He is an epitome of versatility. 

So far H.O.M.A has released and has been featured on a number of tracks. He also has a mixtape to his  name; one which was put out in 2019 titled COMPILATION 1. He believes that the Compilation 1 mixtape  is a proper introduction to himself as an artiste, and all he stands for as a musical brand. 

H.O.M.A has an EP coming this year, Sucker is to be the lead single to the EP.