[Audio] Danny Boy – Vanilla Ft. Scoobynero

Danny Boy is a 25-year-old musician from East London in the Eastern Cape. He has been working on becoming a professional musician for most of his adult life. The Journey started in High School where he found himself curious about the recording and production of music. The fancy lifestyle lived by some of his mentors and Idols kept him clear about where he wanted to be. Growing up in East London he lived with his mother who loved music,back then they had cassette players and his mother would have a collection of them, he would record songs off the radio using some of them, they weren’t financially stable as his father abandoned them when he was still 6 years and his mother found employment as a maid. After passing grade 7 his mother passed away & left him in the care of his aunt who lived in the city, High School was where Danny Boy discovered his true passion and recorded his first song with his cousin, since then he knew that music was his calling, grade 9 he came across a competition Locnville had posted on Twitter & decided to enter, this gained him a lot of recognition as he was chosen as the winner which lead the two twins to the decision of flying him up to Johannesburg for a collaboration, unfortunately due to issues at home he was unable to make and so he forfeited. After completing High School he then left his city to chase his dreams of being a professional musician,this lead him all over the country doing features with artists who had the same passion for music as he did.2017 Danny Boy made his way to Johannesburg along with his producer & manager where he struggled but kept strong believing that one day God would bestow blessings upon him, he made it to the point of sitting amongst well known mainstream artists the likes of Bolo J,Scooby Nero, etc. He then landed himself a feature with Scooby Nero for his upcoming tape titled “Reborn” things picked up for him ever since & Danny Boy continues to push his life long dream.
He currently resides in Johannesburg where he is pursuing his life-long goal of being a successful professional musician.