Audio:- Alley DCoin – Asa Mpete Mpete Featuring Zoro

Audio:- Alley DCoin – Asa Mpete Mpete Featuring Zoro

Audio:- Alley DCoin - Asa Mpete Mpete Featuring Zoro

Kubukuland Empire presents Alley Dcoin – Asam Mpete Mpete featuring Zoro. The fourth track in his upcoming 6 track Ep titled Favour & Grace.

Chukwuemeka Chukwudi Ene (born 29 June 1993), Who is better known as Alley Dcoin is a multi talented Nigerian – American singer, songwriter, and Entertainer. He began singing and writing songs at the age of 8 and he made his first debut as a member of Youngvoice & Big Sound music group New York.
He also had a career in basketball and played for Nigerian Junior National Team with medals and awards from U16 FIBA Afrique Championship in Mozambique, U18 FIBA Afrique Championship in Rwanda, and was on the U19 Nike global Challenge National team.
Alley Dcoin started his career in music in 2019 and recorded a two track mixtape “Blinda vs Shakara”  which he dropped in memory of Fela Kuti. After dropping the mixtape, He opened for Olu Maintain (A.k.a Mr Yahoozee) in New York City. Due to his love for music, he quitted a good paying career government Job at Queens Library and took a with Bowery Present and became one of the managers at Rough Trade NYC. Alley Dcoin is currently working on a 6 track Ep, which is also his first studio short album “Favor and Grace EP”
The Story of Alley Dcoin:

Alley Dcoin’s behavior/lifestyle makes him a bit of an oddity. As he will tell you. Saying, I’m not an ordinary human being is an understatement. It’s more like people rarely know what I am even doing most times, because it’s like many personalities or peoples living inside one person. One thing he will tell you is about his favor & grace story, and that music is his first love, his life, his passion, his medicine, and it’s spiritual “Ekpughere Ekpughe.” He said that, “Music calms me down.”

In 2008, His interest and devotion in basketball earned him a Jersey in the U16, U18, and U19 Nigeria basketball junior national team. He will tell you, “No matter what I do or where I go, Something strong keeps turning me back to music, it’s like a bond, a blood flowing in the vain.

In 2019, He decided to release a two track mixtape “Blinda vs Shakara” in memory of legendary Fela Kuti and Nigeria legends. In that 2019, He moved back to Nigeria to work on a short Album “Favor & Grace EP,” a six track Afrobeat  hit songs mixed with many different genres and was intended to get some new good music to my fans while also built my brand Kubukuland Empire.