Album Reviews:- Knighthouse – Street Scriptures Vol. 1

Knighthouse Street Scriptures Album Review
Album cover for the Street Scriptures project by Knighthouse. All rights reserved 2021

Words By:- Obinna “Fazillion” Ifechi-Fred

KnightHouse –  Street Scriptures Vol 1 (2010) Review

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PRODUCERS:-  Roguewave, Teckzilla, Xela, Sabr, Dj Klem, Jesse Jags, Tha Suspect, Sholextimbo, Legendary, Kraft and White Hot.

Not since Dj Jimmy Jatts Definition Lp coupled with the Monster hit Stylee, has any single another mainstream album ever contained a collage of Nigeria’s newest,illest, most loved and most skilled Hip-hop entities.

When Knighthouse- a trio that consists of  Temi “Othello” Gomez,Rogba “C.E.O Arimoro and Lanre “Sabre” Oladimeji- made their debut on the Nigerian Hip-hop scene, keen industry observers knew immediately that this production company was not joking at all. Late last year, the critically acclaimed hit single “The Finest” Featuring Sauce Kid, Mo-Cheddah and Teeto Ceemos dropped, alongside a sizzling video with cameos by the likes of Loose Kanyon, Terry Tha Rapman and 4th Republic, that also helped cement the position a which most heads had placed them.

The industry began taking them really seriously and anticipation for their debut project ran high, and blog mills were littered with rumours of Sauce Kid signing to them. {Sinzu has since signed to Storm Records) }, among various other rappers, and it was generally agreed that the Knighthouse Fever had gripped everybody in the nation.

.They, however, did nothing but live up to expectation, and the result? The Street Scriptures Volume 1
The Intro which is short and precise very much sets the tone For the album which segues to the Eldee YQ, Othello and Kel crafted  “Ijinle Pam Pam” which would definitely have partygoers going crazy. Next comes the radio-friendly hit Purple, featuring M.I, Mo-Cheddah, Nyore which is also another nice mellow club track and had Nyore showing why she’s still considered to be Nigeria’s undisputed dancehall queen.

Mista Incredible holds down the “Kingpin Interlude“, with some heavy lines to keep his fans salivating over his widely anticipated sophomore LP soon to drop soon. “Live @ 51″  which was produced by DJ Klem had Vector, General Pype and Pherowshuz performing over live production set, and had all emcees going hard with Pherow spitting bars like “You can’t keep up for long like Peter Rufai”, They say let sleeping dogs lie/But if I ever catch my dogs lying I’ll put them to sleep“.

Rooftop MCs, Sabre and Loose Kanyon went extra hard on the next song “Number 1″ which was laced with a very melodious hook that had me pressing repeat. Two leading female rappers Sasha and Mo Cheddah teamed up on the next song  “If You Want Me” to rue past relationships and let some steam out and also show why they are two of the most anticipated rappers in the game. Mr Kraft provides his production and vocals on the DJ Klem-assisted “Before I wake”, a finely crafted ode to Hip-Hop which would have real heads riding the train of thought and bobbing their heads furiously. The album is packed with more steam than Victorian train engines and goes on to another DJ Klem produced track “My Thoughts” which featured Nigeria’s number one rapper Modenine who lamented on the travails he has faced during the duration of his journey so far in Hip-Hop Music, and he also fired at his haters, letting them understand he’s still the cream of the crop, with lines like “Lyric-wise, flow-wise me and you are not mates/So why the Hell you bringing hot Beef to my hot plate”?/After 7 years you still rhyming like you outta shape/ I won’t even mention your name on a free Mixtape”(Chairman it’s not free oh. Na buy I buy am lol).

Rap freshmen Ice Prince (He’s been popping up everywhere lately) Mobie and Mo-Cheddah, send messages out to their exes and discussed failed relationships on “Make It Better”. Da Grin<Bi Staphilokokus lol> is paired with Jesse Jags and Cartiar on the heavy-hitting “Lime” which had Cartiar and Grin easily outshining Mr Jagz who happened to mention the word “Swag”  too many times on his verse. Sauce Kid a.k.a Mr Sinzu comes out to clear doubts on the “Airplane Mode Freestyle”. This rap shit is my today, you ma second guest”. 4th Republic who were represented by the lethal Maximum and N6 deliver a properly tuned love song that certainly lived up to expectations and showed why they are still the most commercially accepted rap group out there. The Myst-assisted “Orin Fe” was laced with a standard instrumental from Xela Xelz (who is getting more recognition for his work on ” Life and Times Of Killz Vol 1 album by Ikechukwu). The album takes an unexpected turn on the next song “I Dare You” featuring Blaise, XYZ of Str8buttah and Terry the Rapman, which happened to be my favourite song on the album had all three emcees holding it down for all Hip-Hop Purists. The song is made even more controversial because Mr Joe Spasm threw his signature subliminal, with lines like Call me Samson cuz I be bringing the house down/Like that West African Idol that was singing lying down{Omawunmi}/Naijas top Emcees,I can name 5 right now/But y’all will prolly kill me if I call them out right now/All I can tell you, for now, is me and Mode are two of them/The other two we are shooting em /the last one we cool with him.”.(Your guess IS NOT as good as mine).

Teckzilla Of Str8buttah produced a soulful instrumental on the next song that had Illbliss trading bars with Othello and Ayesha on the hook, for the song named “Hate”. Another shocker for me on the album is the Kaliphate (My favourite Nigerian rap group) helmed “New Testament”, which had the trio of A9,Dasuki and Psalmurai weaving sordid bars into biblical references with A9 Stealing the show with hard bars like “What would it be like if Hip-Hop was the new testament?/Would there Be an<sic>Hip-Hop Jesus? would emcees represent?/Mode 9 will be John The Baptist/Punchlines evangelist/ Spittin Barcelona in the wilderness/I see IllBliss as Peter, Cuz nobody’s better/Even Nas said so but of course Jesus knows better/IllBliss is the Real McCoy/ but when the Chicken crows, we hear denial from Dat Ibo Boy/ The most incredible is Matthew,/M.I Hip-hop disciple/Sauce Kid is James. Terry is John/ Freestyle is Judas/Ruggedman is Barnabas, He spits for shoemakers and mechanics/Tee-Mac remains Pontius Pilate”.

I daresay that with this album, KnightHouse has sired another type of Hip-Hop revolution and i recommend this album to every single lover of Hip-hop music alike

.I copped my copy and after a few weeks, I am still playing it. The quality of songs easily erodes the flaws on this album and I must say it makes an excellent listen.

It is the type of project that was crafted with strong replay value and would be in rotation for a long time to come. However, I must say that I was expecting to hear the original version of “The Finest” Featuring Sauce Kid, Mo-Cheddah and Teeto Ceemos, but it was conspicuously missing. I understand that almost everyone’s heard it but some diehard fans of Teeto are quite unhappy that he didn’t appear on this album. Also, the Wizkid, Twizzle, and Eva assisted “Nufin Like Me” sounded like it was out of place as the artistes delivered below-par performances on the record.

Big Faz Rating: Almost a Hip-Hop classic 9.0/10